Yesterday I had my first appointment with the oncology team and they where so reassuring and caring.

I was told I would start my first round today of Taxol / Carbo due to filling up with the dreaded fluid and her not wishing to drain it again.

But unfortunately I have had severe constipation so off I went for an X-ray and she said I need to clear the bowel  before I can start my treatmen, so I have had 3 sachets of picolax 2 Dioctyl and I have at least a tin of prunes that I absolutely hate. If anyone knows of anything else that will help I will be so greatful as they have to me I will not start my treatment on Mpnday and will be transferred to my local hospital.


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  • I'm sorry to hear this. Drink plenty of water too. Keep up with all the medication you are being given to clear it and take them as prescribed a hot water bottle is also good.

    Wishing you all the best 



  • Thanks Trish

  • I find dairy and gluten, especially white bread, can increase constipation issues.  I don't eat these and I eat lots of fruit, veg and pulses.  Since doing this I've never had a problem.  A morning smoothie also helps, I blitz frozen berries, a banana and some almond milk.  

    Good luck.


  • Hi Ellsie

    You've been given the dynamite option.. So all being well it should work. Maybe try a stool softener alongside to make it less painful xx

  • Hi ellsie, sooo funny how important poo becomes when undergoing  chemo! First off - that cocktail will definately clear you out!! Do not be far from the toilet in the next few hours!! Everyone seems to be completely different in how they respond but if you're given strong antisickness medication you are likely to get constipated. My own method was a tablespoon of duphlac (safe enough for babies) with a glass of warm water going to bed and I usually had an "easy" bowel movement the next morning and if I didn't - I knew to increase the fruit (found kiwis great) or smoothies etc, or to take more laxatives. You will get to know your own pattern quickly and the nurses will give you great tips. Best of luck  X 

  • Well I drink each morning - teaspoon tumeric, tablespoon apple cider vinegar and juice of half a lemon with hot water, I don't even get half way down the glass before needing to go to the loo. Lemon really helps to get. Your digestive system moving, have first thing in the morning before anything else. X

  • That sounds far nicer than the disgusting laxidol I force myself to take daily. I'm definitely going to try your recipe!

  • Thanks all just don't want my first round to have to be cancelled xx

  • Try not to worry, my neighbour reminded me of the law of gravity, what goes in must come out and I chilled a bit and it did improve.  Prunes in Juice are good, plenty of water with a slice of lemon and mint added.   Eating Kiwis a half an hour before food is another tip,  Peppermint tea will help the bowel relax,  Missfitz and the other ladies  have  given you good information.  Rubbing your tummy anticlockwise also helps.  Once you start going stay close to a loo, more than likely you are doing that anyhow.  Thinking of you

  • If you are prone to constipation it's possible that the chemo combination will make it worse. I had severe impaction after my first chemo and it took a lot of laxatives to get me moving. be aware that medications like moviol take between 1-3days to work. Senokot is a bowel stimulant so take three the night before and lactulose during the day is a good stool softener . It it vital to have at least 2 litres of water every day ..not only does it flush out the chemo it is vital for constipation . Prior to chemo ensure your bowel movements are on the soft -loose side . It's worth your while paying attention to your pattern so that you can deal with side effects as they arise. 

  •  I drink piety of water, eat lots of fruit and 3 weetabix and that keeps me right. Good luck wishing you well xx

  • Lots of water and senocote tablet the previous night always worked the next morning for me,

    Good luck

    Carole xx

  • Hi Elsie I always have Allbran for breakfast and a sachet morning and night of Laxido plus loads of water.. it does work! Good luck xx

  • Yes keep up the fluids and I have figs. I hate them after a few days as they're sweet and sickly but only use them for the week after chemo.

  • Oh Ellsie, I've discovered constipation is a perennial problem with this disease. There have been quite a number of posts with suggestions that work for different women. 

    I recall pears being listed as something that helped constipation so that might be more  appealing than prunes. I hate prunes too but earlier this year some friends brought me a pack of Pruneux d'Agen which I've really enjoyed. I think you can get them in Waitrose and gift shops. They're very sweet and moist and to my palette much better than the dried sort. I eat one as a treat every morning. 

    Another thing I've been told over and over again is to drink enough water. I now fill a litre jug with water morning and night and ensure I drink the lot. 

    One remedy I've never seen here, but have come across in my own treatment plan is reflexology and osteopathy. My reflexologist massaged a particular part of my foot and that helped ease things. Equally when I was being treated by an osteopath she could feel the congestion in my bowel and it had an almost immediate effect.  

    I was going to say, 'I hope you get to the bottom of this' then thought you might be having a temporary sense-of-humour failure because you can be in a lot of pain from constipation. Poo, and constipation, has certainly been a subject that has given us a lot of shared laughs over the years even if it's also been a source of private misery and pain. 

    I hope the blockage clears up soon so you can have your chemotherapy. Your team is wise to hold off until it's sorted out. Don't forget to take a large bottle of water in to the chemo ward with you and make sure you keep hydrated.

    Sending love xxx Annie

  • Hi all

    My first line went well only surprise was how long I  it all took, between the premed drugs pulling through, then 3 hrs for Taxol them 1 hour for Carbo, then at the very end of the Carno had a lump come up around canula so thry switched off and Ice pack on.

    I decided to have the cold cap on, they gave me. 2 Parocetamol 20 mins before fitting the cap and it was painful on my forhead for 15 mins after that no pain. You have to keep the cap on 30 mins after treatment has finished and I did notice the pain in my forhead m return so they gave me more medication and all was fine.

    So fingers crossed these next weeks, I have attached a picture for all those ladies that are thinking of having the cold cap, as all I can say I will be getting it on my second round as it was not to painfully. Xx

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