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Hi, my wife has 3c serous OC. Op 12/2010 followed by 6 x 3 weekly carbo/taxol...never really went away and 5 months after that finished had 2nd line chemo of weekly taxol. Only had 4 sessions as CA125 continued to rise. Then last Dec started 3rd line chemo (gem/carbo) which finished in June.

She feels fine but 'check up scan' showed new growth in lymph nodes. So Onc is talking about a phase 1 trial.

Thats the background....the question is:

Anyone had any phase 1 trials that have had a positive response. Anyone had standard chemo for 4th line treatment.

My wife is basically fine, by that i mean she is up and about every day, yes she has some tiredness but as you ladies that is unfortunately normal with all the treatement, but in essence she is doing great.

We dont want to just sit back and see what any positive feedback on the above would be very much appreciated.


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Hi...I am sorry that I can't help you with this question..I am sure ther will be someone that can or you could give the helpline a ring tomorrow and speak to Ruth Payne tel 0845 371 0554 or

Tel 0207 299 6650 best wishes x G x


Sorry to hear your wife hasn't been responding to treatment as hoped. I didnt respond to two different lines of chemo either. Basically never been NED. What type of ovarian canvas does your wife have and how old is she?

Do you know the names of the trials they are thinking of or the drugs involved? What drugs are they offering for the 4 th line chemo?

Sorry for all the questions but it's hard to know how to answer if don't know specifics.


I have been on a phase II trial XL 184 since Dec 2011 and it is still stablising my o/ca but this trial has now closed (I dont know what they will be doing in the future). However, a few weeks ago I read a blog from Charon (14th August) and I think it was on her blog that she provided a Link to a phase I trial that has been 90% successful for her ' Study of BMN 673' so they are worth considering.

Best wishes


Thanks for responses.....Heffmeister, she has Serous OC, as yet we do not know what (if any) trial they will offer, ditto 4th line chemo. We have a meeting coming up and we are just trying to go in there fully armed. We dont expect at this stage to be offered more chemo because its only been 10 weeks since the last one stopped. Leolady...i will look into the BMN trial - thanks.


Hi...I think you'll find it is called "serous adeno carcinoma" ovarian cancer but do you know the stage and grade ?..... I would still give Ruth a ring she may be able to enlighten you on what options you wishes love x G x



just read ur blog

these ladies have a wealth of knowledge... good luck to u and ur wife



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