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Lymphatic Reflexology

Hello ladies

This afternoon I had a wonderful session of reflexology. I've been feeling pretty pooped lately and haven't been sleeping well for weeks so figured i'd treat myself. I've had reflexology before a few times and it was something i'd organise often for my darling Mum as part of her palliative care at home. But this particular lady i'm seeing does lymphatic drainage techniques as well, which can do wonders for pretty much anyone, especially cancer patients.

I'm going to have a few regular treatments (more for general well-being/stress relieving than anything) but wondered if any of you had tried it and if you haven't, maybe you should :)

Peace and love to you all,

Jemima xx

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Hi Jennie, this sounds like a good idea when I asked about it some time ago. I was told only when the cancer is not active in my case it is but I would like to try it when its dormant again. Fingers cross I can get there. Let us know how you get on.

I had my feet done Monday but because I have had so many I don't really feel the benefit of it. I still enjoy it but it use to take the pain out of my back but it didn't this time. I am going to ask the lady that gives me some lovely treatments if she does this as well.

Thanks you for posting take care Cindyxx


Hi Jemima, I think this is something that the Lymphdema nurse offered my mum post treatment as Cindy says, I'm not sure if it can be done during an active cancer. Non invasive therapies are definitely worth trying though I think, especially relaxing ones.




Yes, I hear it's fine as long as cancer clear or dormant. I have had reflexology on my feet-wonderful-but prob will avoid whole body for a while longer


Good tips ladies 👍🏻

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Hi. I've had one session of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) for my Lymphodema which was great. Was what you had reflexology or massage drainage?



It was predominantly for massage...


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