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HRT Update

Hi all,

I've seen my friend now who is home and doing well other than feeling sick a lot. She kept her ovaries so it was a routine hysterectomy.

She was told that the HRT is necessary as it strengthens the tissues so she's taking it. She starts with 1 a week or it might have been a month I can't remember now then it's 2 a week, 3 a week etc until she's up to 7 a week. She also had to use a cream to strengthen the lining of her vagina.

I still find it hard to believe but who am I to question a doctor. I still think it's weird.

Zena J xx

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Hi Zena, I read your last post it does sound strange I thought HRT was for much younger woman.

Sadly I have every little faith in doctors because they have let me down so badly. As long as this is working for her but if she starts having problems I would start question the season for HRT. If we all know as much as doctors maybe we could help our selves out more, Take care Cindyxx

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I think we've all been let down at some stage by doctors. Unfortunately, they can't know everything and when they make a mistake peoples lives are at stake. If I made a mistake at work there was just a bit of money involved.

GP 's are expected to know so much and when you see a specialist that's all they seem to know. Also, there are so many people that waste their time or don't turn up for appointments. The other sad side is everyone they see are ill or in some sort of trouble. No-one goes to see their doctor to say ' hi, I'm fine how are you today'.

It doesn't help any of us that have suffered through their mistakes but I like to think that's just life and it wasn't done intentionally.

I'll keep everyone up to date with the HRT if she comes off it.

Take care and best wishes, Zena J x


Hi Zena... I see what you mean but I'm afraid that people can be institutionally let down and the fact that the Government didn't run the Be Clear campaign nationally is nothing short of a disgrace. The regional pilot was by far the most successful in raising awareness.

The other thing is that CA125 tests were deemed too expensive given that women can just have, say, IBS but women don't suddenly develop IBS in their late forties and fifties. Maybe this was one of the penny pinching reasons for not highlighting the symptoms. They didn't want a flux of women deluging their GPS demanding (cheap) CA125 tests. Perhaps this is an unpalatable truth.

I don't think it a case of 'that's life'. I think more needs to be done to help to get earlier checks when there is a greater chance of a cure. Had the Be Clear campaign gone ahead, the women themselves would know what their symptoms are.

These are the things I've found out along the road. I hope you don't mind my comments and I say them with the greatest courtesy to you.

Sue xx


I certainly don't mind your comments Sue, I didn't know about most of the things you mentioned. I think I'm just one of those people that always makes excuses for people, I can't help myself sometimes.

I think it's dreadful the way different hospitals all over the country have different standards of care. Our local cancer hospital is very good but there are others near by that I wouldn't want to go to. It really is a post code lottery these days.

My next door neighbour managed to get an expensive drug for her breast cancer because of where we live. She wouldn't move because of it.

It annoys me that some of us pay for prescriptions and car parking at hospitals and others don't. It cost my son in law £100 in parking when my daughter had her baby. It's disgraceful. I'm not saying we shouldn't pay for some things I'm saying make it the same across the country. Well, that's that off my chest.

Reading what everyone says about their CA125 I'm not even sure anymore when it's bad and when it's good and most people seem to know what sort of tumour they had where I have no idea. I thought I'd been asking the right questions but there's a lot I don't know.

Good reading your views.

Best wishes, Zena J xx

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I know what you mean Zena. It's all very random sometimes. Good reading your views too. Xxx


Sometimes I don't know what I'm talking about ha ha xx


Hi Zena, maybe I should forgive my GP for not finding my cancer but she had 5 years to do so. I kept mentioning oc & bc being high in my family but I was never tested. After finding out I had oc & was only given 6 months to live. I went to a GP & ask for a ca 125 they didn't even know what a ca 125 was.They didn't even know what the symptoms were. I tried to give the receptionist some awareness cards on oc but she was very nasty towards me.

I sent a complaint to the head of the surgery but was only given 2 days to ansewer their reply by the time I did a few days to late I was told I was too late. Soon after that their email address was taken off of their website.

My GP had me in tears ever ofen & was very rude to me. Every time I tried to see another GP the snotty receptionist would only offer me my GP. Even with 8 other GPS on offer. When I got the chance to see another GP & ask if I could see them they just changed the subjects.

I had to leave because my GP sent me a very rude letter because I refused to see her. I am now every happy & the GPS in my new surgery they seem to know what oc is. I often worry about other woman with oc not being listen to at my old surgery & going through what I went through. Take care Cindyxx

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Oh Cindy, it sounds awful how on earth can they still have jobs. I think you were right to change doctors and am pleased that you are happy there.

I get on well with the receptionist at my doctors now. We're on first name terms and I feel as if I live there I seem to go so often, if only for repeat prescriptions.

From experience, if I had a problem with my doctors now, I would go straight to A&E. It was a new experience for me as I rarely visited my GP and when I couldn't get an appointment I did hesitate to go to A&E because I've never been for myself but luckily my friend and my husband made very strong suggestions that I should go. I'm so please I did because if I hadn't I wouldn't be speaking to you now.

All the very best wish your treatment.

Best wishes, Zena


Hi Zena, thank you the best thing I can do now is forget the pass & enjoy the future.

I had my 32nd chemo 2 weeks ago & hoping for a break. I feel drained & keeping my fingers cross for good new at my next hospital visit.

I am glad they were able to save your life. It sounds you have people around you that care deeply for you.

I loved the surgery I was in before I moved here in 2010. I knew most of the receptionist & my GP was excellent & listened to me. It all seem to go wrong when I sighed up at my old surgery.

I wish you all the very best in staying in as good health as possible. Take care Cindyxx


Where did you live before 2010, Cindy?

All that chemo sounds horrendous but you'll get through it and it's better than the alternative. Do you live alone?

I am lucky with friends and family. I have a very small family but we live near each other. They all work but my husband is semi retired so he's around a lot. We enjoy life as much as we can. I must admit, even though it's been four years for me there's not a day goes by that I don't think about cancer and wonder if it will come back. In saying that I also a positive person. I must sound contradictory but I'm definitely more upbeat than down.

Best wishes and take care, Zena x

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Hi Zena, I only lived about 5 miles the other side of Southampton uk. It wasn't too far I am lucky to have my family near by.

I am glad are in a good place & wish you all the best at staying there. Take care Cindyxx


Thanks Cindy xx

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