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Hi all. I just got back from NY with my sister where we met an oncologist whose specialty is ovarian cancer. He is very familiar with clear cell which my sister has. She has experienced another recurrence. She has already had 3 major surgeries, 3 courses of chemo and one round of radiation. Now it is in her pelvic bone with several spots in her abdomen. The doctor recommended a clinical trial that shows promise. It is an immunotherapy trial. Has anyone has amy experience with using an immunotherapy agent called Nivolumab? If so, please share your experience. Thanks.

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I am clear cell stage 3C and am very interested in your post. I am just 6 weeks after front line and waiting for my first post-chemo scan so don't have any advice but will be very interested to know how your sister gets on. Wishing you both the best of luck.

Hello! I'm not familiar with it, but would be very interested in learning more. I am a stage 3c clear cell. I am currently on cycle 3 in third line treatment.

I just posted on the same subject yesterday - I have an appointment next week in Paris for the Merus MCLA 128 immunotheraphy trial. I look forward to hearing where your sister would have her trial and to hearing more about it.


What I did glean from our appt at Sloan -Kettering is that clear cell has a tendency to not respond great to traditional chemotherapy. Immunotherapy is cutting edge therapy and the medical community has seen some marked responses in other cancers. I.e.-melanoma and bladder cancer.

Dear All ....I started Pembrolizumab ( Keytruda ) , last August .

Many of the tumours are now stable with a few areas growing .

I last had chemo in 2015 , so feel that I have done well .

I reached a toxic level in April , with dreadful tummy problems and an horrendous rash that had me hospitalised . Because of this , I have had to come off the Immunotherapy trial , and am back on a watch and wait , which is sad because I felt so well .

I was diagnosed with high grade serous in April 2011 , have had the ops , five lots of chemo , but am doing remarkably well for the moment .

Hope this helps . xx

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