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Fab holiday. Back to reality.


Had an amazing couple of weeks in Cuba. So glad I have hair now. Lol

This is me and my other half who has been my rock for the last year.

Got back yesterday and today I have to do a 24 hour urine sample, take it hospital in the morning where they'll do a blood test too. Tomorrow afternoon is a CT scan , hoping it will be ok as my CA125 is riding slowly. Then Thursday is avastin - hopefully, if my urine doesn't have protein in it.

Hoping all you lovely ladies are doing ok. Xxx

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So many of us have returns from holidays like yours!

I've got my own variety coming up next week. Great photo, glad you had a good hol, nice to acknowledge our supporters and you look fab with short hair.....

Good luck with the testsx

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Aww thank you. Was so nice to get away although the first couple off days I felt a bit edgy. A few rum and cokes soon sorted me out.

I hope you get on ok with treatment etc. Xxx

Glad you both had a good holiday . You look great . Good luck with the test and Avastin . I have just had no 9 . Love and best wishes Kim x

Hi Kim and thank you.

I think I've had 12 avastin although the last one was cancelled due to protein in my urine. I hope you are getting on ok with it. It makes me achey a bit. Xxx

Lovely photo, you both look amazing, your hair is gorgeous and pleased you've had a good holiday. Good luck with the tests and fingers crossed you can have your avastin ❤️Xx Jane

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Ahh thank you Jane. Was sooo nice to get away. I hope you are ok. Xx

Fab photo. Good luck for your results xx Kathy xx

Thank you Kathy. My scan is for thorax, abdomen and pelvis. Never had it for the thorax before. Xx

Hi Suzanne, I have mine done regularly (every 24 weeks). last time they only did my abdomen and pelvis and I would have preferred the whole lot!. At least it's a thorough scan and you will know they have checked. xx Do keep us updated.

Yes it's thorough. They're doing it more for me as I'm worried about my CA225 rising. My doctor said if it was up to him he wouldn't scan me at this point but I'm a bit worried. Xx

Fingers crossed your fears are unfounded xx

Thank you Kathy. Xx

Hey Suzanne,

Lovely happy smiley faces......LONG MAY IT LAST!

Good Luck!


Aww thank you so much. Xxx

What a fabulous photo and what joy in your faces. Great that you had a wonderful holiday hope your batteries are fully recharged. Love your partners smile and adore your hair. Hope the scan results are good and no more treatment is necessary. I a m on second line Carbo and caelyx just had half way scan results excellent and my .ca 125 is 11 . 3 cheers so forward and onwards. Love Chris

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Hi Chris. Thank you for your lovely reply. I do feel my batteries are charged. I think the holiday did us both the world of good.

Your CA125 is nice and low. I hope you are doing really well. Xxxx

Suzanne-What a wonderful photo! Your hair looks exactly like mine did when it came back. After a few months it became really curly like i had a perm!! still wild and crazy.

You both look so relaxed and happy. Good luck on your scan. my ONC did full pelvic, abdomen, chest and neck as i have been having lots of weird neck pains since February. Just a precaution and baseline.

Xx Carol

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Aww thank you Carol. The back of my hair is especially curly.

I don't mind the scan too much, just get anxious about the results.

I hope everything is good with you. Xxx

Great photo, here's to many more like very holiday 🥂

Marian xx

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Thank you Marian.

Hope everything is ok with you. Xx

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That should say"lovely holidays' lol...... predictive text

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Yes, not long back from a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords.... Italy next. You can never have too many holidays 😉. Can't wait to have hair the length of yours cx

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Wow I'd love to do a cruise like that. 🚢 bet it was fantastic.

I hope you enjoy Italy. I've been once, to lake Garda. Was beautiful. Can never have too many holidays.

Your hair will soon grow. I miss my long hair but short is so much easier. Xxx

Lovely photo, must have been great to go on holiday having hair. When I was working I sometimes used to plan holidays around various criteria but once having retired I thought I'd just be able to go whenever. Now we have to plan them around our various tests and results.

Hope things go well with the tests (hoping they won't detect those rum & cokes)!

Aww thank you. It was a great holiday. You're right, we have to plan them around treatment etc now. We had to cancel the holiday to Cuba last year a week before we were due to go as that's when I was diagnosed.

I hope they don't detect the rum and coke either - I had lots. 😂 Xx

You look lovely,how was Cuba? Somewhere I have always wanted to go.Glad you got away,best wishes on your return,

Carole xxx

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Thank you Carole.

Cuba is lovely. The people are so friendly. That was my 6th time there. I love it.

I hope everything is good with you. Xx

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Recommendation taken on board,I'm good thanks,just had a good check up,safe for a few months😀👍xx

Wow, you are looking fab. Good luck with your test and Avastin. Ann xx

Hi Ann. Thank you xxx

Fab photo and your hair is looking great. Shame about the reality but wishing you the best of luck.

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Aww thank you. X

Hi Suzanne,

Glad you were able to have your Cuba holiday this year! You both look amazing on the photo. Best wishes.

Gwen x

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Aww thank you Gwen was a great holiday. Today though, my other half was made redundant. Life's so crappy sometimes. Least we had our holiday though.

Hope you are ok. Xxx

Hi Suzanne, you look fab. with that lovely tanned skin.. So pleased you had a lovely holiday.. Good luck for your treatment. I too is on avastin.. Take care.. Xxxx

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