pain in hip and lower back

i have had severe pain in right hip are and groin for few mths now but this past 3 wk i cant walk without limping. or climb stairs only one ata time .i keep passing urine and im exhausted all the time . my abdomen is bloating and i feell ill . gp at aloss as to what it is . had xray . hip joint ok apart from wear n tear arthritis . urine fine he says . bloods showing inflammation. i hav ebeen on tramadol etc and nothing takes pain away . gp told me to go to A+E but they werent happy and said gp shudnt av sent me . i need a scan to find out what goin on but cant get one . im losing the wil to live . i cant go on like this . struggling to work and function

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  • This must be very frightening for you. You've got to make an absolute pest of yourself and demand an ultrasound scan and a blood test for a protein called CA125. Print out the symptom tracker you can find from Ovacome's home page and take that along.

    These tests aren't absolutely conclusive but they're good indicators. Hopefully they'll find a simple reason for your pains.

    It's good that you've found this site as its a great source of support should you need it.

    All the best


  • I agree with Linda, you need to request a CA125 blood test, as you haven't said what blood tests you have had, but I suspect that you haven't had a CA125 blood test... it is not taken as a matter of routine... so perhaps you should go to your GP and ask for wishes x G

  • I agree with Linda. If CA125 blood test is normal,then ask for an ultrasound scan as some ovarian cancers don't have raised CA125. Hopefully it is not ovarian cancer, as these symptoms can be due to other things, but you need to get this checked out. Don't let GP argue you out of these tests. If you have bloating, you are supposed to have these tests, never mind your other symptoms. I am a retired GP as well as OC patient.

    Best wishes. Better safe than sorry.

    Eileen x

  • Hi there, I've been following this site for some time now but have never written before, I now feel I just have to as your situation is so like mine. You MUST go back to your GP and ask for a second opinion on your XRay, mine was told I just had wear and tear arthritis but because I persisted about my back pain was relunctantly referred to physio. They took one look and referred me straight to the ortho specialist who said he considered the amount of pain I was having justified a hip replacement.

    The MRI ortho sent me for picked up a massive ovarian tumour, I had the surgery for that soon after and am now looking forward to my hip replacement next Friday. If I hadn't made a nuisance of myself I would be none the wiser and incredibly ill. You MUST go back to your GP, some of them really do need a kick up the rear.

  • Good luck with the hip op! Well done for getting through all that you've been through. Hope the hip gets better soon, my friend and my Mum had the op and both are soooooo much better now

    All the best,

    Love Wendy xx

  • I was as fit as a fiddle on the 1st July 2012. Suddenly out of the blue i found i was leaking urine during that evening. The next day i got an appointment with my GP she examined me and decided to get me an app. for a scan. I waited a short while for this scan which i was told something was amiss around the bowel area. The report was quickly sent to my GP and she did a blood test to decide whether to go Gynae or General. It came back Gynae as whatever was showing around the bowel was benign. I got an appointment with the Gynae surgeon quite quickly whom i worked with (16 years ago) he examined me and said there is nothing wrong with you - i said well why have i got so much groin pain suddenly. He replied we can do a CT scan or laporoscopy. I went for laproscopy, The conclusion was my fallopian tube and appendix had twisted and stuck to the outer bowel. I needed a full hysterectomy. It was this pressing on my wee tubes. I had the operation on the 25th Oct. 2012 and all went really well, the pain had all gone, just a healing pain which was to be expected. I am now having Chemo to clear up any seeds that have kicked out into the pelvis area, which there are bound to be some bits left. Im hoping it does the trick, 6 sessions and ive had 3. Feel tired but getting on fine. Please keep pesting your GP. thats how i got to this point just ask for a second opinion. Just don,t be fobbed off. pester, pester.

  • i have pestered but maks no difference . i broke down in gp surgery thats why he said go to A+E. so i went and they just were not interested .im back at gp weds .im ashamed to say im gettin to point where i dont care anymore .feel so weak .

  • You must care, you poor thing. Is there anymore doctors at your surgery you could talk to about your problem who would be more interested in your plight.. I would certainly keep trying, you cannot keep being in such pain like this. Good luck to you. All my love Margaret xxxx

  • Just a further thought for when you see the doctor. Don't just print out the symptom tracker. Take a bit of time and write down what your experience has been of each of the symptoms, when it started, how frequently you feel it, how severe it feels etc. That might help you get your point across.

    Linda xx

  • I changed my GP who referred me for a scan straight away, my first GP didn't want to know a fresh pair of eyes and different experience is sometimes needed. Or ask for a scan privately, I knew there was something wrong although I had no idea it would be OC.

    Good Luck


  • many thanks for all support and imput . you are all truly wonderful.

  • well ive been back to GP this morn and hes getting me an appointment to have a scan asap . went to have more blood tests including CA125 again as it seems to have gone astray since last thurs .so now at least somethings getting done . im a born worrier so my nerves are in shreads at mo .

  • You're not a born worrier, just human. We've all been there and know exactly what you're going through. Hopefully all this worry will be for nothing. Good luck xx

  • well had phone call from hospital today . having scan next week . am going away for long weekend so i must try and enjoy ..

  • results from last blood test normal . gp says to dismiss ovarian cancer ??? goin for ultrasound scan today and orthopedic appt tomorrow.i feel like my insides are on fire .didnt enjoy few days away as cudnt walk far . steps/stairs are one at a time .exhausted thro lack of sleep . cocktail of painkillers . take my pick .. tramadol . diclofenic. gabapentin etc etc .i was once told by a nurse that i was very stoic .she said i tolerate pain very well . maybe i shud start to scream and moan and may get someone to take me seriously

  • I have all those feelings too. The feeling exhusted and that doctors don't take us serious is frustrating and confusing. I can't count how many times I left the doctors in tears from being called a hypochondriac. The inside on fire could be from fybromialgia. Mine comes every couple weeks and last for 2 to 4 days. It burns and feels like your skin is bruised on certain ereas and I can't even tolerating being touched or huged by the people I love. Michelle

  • Did they find out what is wrong with you 

  • What was the results of your scan?

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