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Keeping both ovaries?


I went into surgery last Friday and they removed a 27cm cyst, dr was sure it was benign and that was meant to be that!

Turns out it was borderline musineous. It was on the right overy but he said he was able to get it off and save the overy. Only thing is he can't be sure he got all the tissue off the ovary. My CA 125 was 56 pre op. Can't get it again for another 5 weeks.

I'm going to speak to another person hopefully in the next 6 weeks about this, but my Dr thinks in the next few months it's best I get my ovary removed but I'm fine to watch it with regular 3 month check ups.

Any thoughts on this matter?

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Yes. I think the treatment option u are talking about is PARP inhibitor, & I believe latest research shows v good results in non BRCA patients too. Please double check before feeling too despondent.

I have passed Gene on to my eldest who has an 8 year old daughter. My cousin was only only 27 at diagnosis of breast cancer, & we have lost every female throughout the last 80 years to early C. U have spared your family this. Much love

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How old are you? Do you have children? If you need to you can have your eggs harvested. Depending upon your age, I'd remove BOTH ovaries and tubes very soon.


I'm only 25


You are so young to have this happen and VERY fortunate to be catching this problem in an early stage. Please get a second and maybe third opinion. I already had my family when my cancer odyssey began. I've had both breast cancer AND ovarian cancer. My mom and Aunt's have all either had breast and other cancers or died of cancer. Get as much information as you can to make an informed decision.


Thanks, my dr thinks things will be fine as long as I monitor this. I'm seeing a gynecologist in the next 6 -8 weeks and my Dr said this is fine and getting my blokd test done to check, I'll also remember to get checked every 3 months to monitor it for the next 2 years.

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Please forgive me for telling you what to do. I would have leaped at the chance to spare myself the miseries of breast and ovarian cancer. I am only telling you what I would do, knowing now what I have done just to survive. So, ask every single question you need answered and find care givers that will fight for you at every step of the way. Best to you. T


Anna- I would get to a gyno oncologist quickly and discuss your options there. Perhaps removing the one ovary? I certainly would not just leave it be without some very serious input. I don't want to scare you but you definitely should seek further medical council and don't delay.

Let us know how it turns out.

Best, Anne


Yep! I'm seeing a gyno in 10 days! Soonest I could get an appointment


This is exactly what happened to me last year. I'm 33 (married, no kids) and had an operation to move what they thought was just a very big 'cyst'. Gynae managed to 'save' the ovary but when histology came back as mucinous, i was referred to an Oncologist and had to have a second operation to remove the affected ovary, fallopian tube and have biopsies taken. I am now on 3 monthly check ups with USS every 6 months. Having one ovary removed does not affect your fertility, so i would not hesitate to go ahead with the procedure you are being advised to have. If I had to have my remaining ovary removed to save my life, I would. I wish you well on this journey...you've found a good bunch here.

Jemima xx

P.S. Histology came back from second op that i was staged 1a...i was lucky...


Thanks! I'm seeing a gyno is 10 days and I'm starting to accept it will need to be removed, it's just sad to know I'm loosing that part of myself because of this stupid thing! And only being 25 it's just upsetting. But as you said, the other ovary will do the trick and chances are it won't return (from research I've seen with these things)! Best luck with everything! X

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Hello, so sorry to hear and being so young myself really hits home :(

So he basically removed the cyst? What kind of symptoms did you have, before you found out you had a 27cm cyst?

I guess you know deep down what's best for you, people can give you advice and support but only truly you know.

So just to clear it up, it's not cancer and you don't need chemo?


Hi, I had exactly what you describe happen to me, just three months ago - I'm 26. What they believed to be a normal cyst, came back as cancer. I had the affected ovary removed, plus the tube, appendix and some of the fat pad area. As they initially opened the ovary to remove the cyst, I required chemo as the cancerous cells could have escaped. I'm having six sessions of carboplatin and paclitaxol. I have kept my other ovary, and I am having eggs removed once chemo is over, incase I get any issues on that side. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. It can feel very lonely being this young and having this happen, so please ask away!

Lizzie xxx


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