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Cannot locate Ovaries?

Hey everyone.

So I have been getting a lot of pain in my right side over the past few months which has gradually been getting worse. I have had issues with my cervix in the past and had to have LLETZ treatment just waiting now to have my 6 month follow up smear test to see if everything is ok.

The pain in which I have been getting is a dull aching pain, but also at times very sharp and painful. I get so bloated I look pregnant at times and struggling to eat as I get full easy. I signed up to a new doctors surgery as I wasn’t getting on well with my last and my new doctor is amazing, as soon as I explained how I felt the first thing she said was have you ever had your ovaries checked in which I haven’t. Straight away the next week she sent me for a scan, I was in the scan for a total of about 5 minutes that included emptying my bladder and changing, I thought this was a bit quick but wasn’t sure if it is just a quick in and out scan. The weeks followed and I heard nothing so presumed everything was ok. When visiting another GP a few weeks later I asked what the outcome of the scan was to which he replied, they could not locate your ovaries but this is normal. The whole point of going was to see if my ovaries were ok right? What do I do now, is it normal for them not to find my ovaries or shall I go back and ask to be seen again?

Any advice would be much appreciated

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I'd go back to your GP and ask to be seen again.  Just because they can't find the ovaries doesn't mean that they shouldn't locate them and ensure they are ok.  Once of mine used to 'hide' lol but they persisted until they found it. What type of scan have you had?  

Kathy xx

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Oh my goodness. I echo what Kathy said -- you've got to get back to a GP, preferably the first one you saw as she seemed to take your symptoms more seriously. Perhaps they can rescan or something? Seems to me that while not seeing the ovaries on a scan may be normal, the symptoms you are having are not, so they've got to figure out what's going on with you. Good luck & keep us posted.

Kerry x 

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I would also recommend you return to your gp and ask for further scan or mri scan.   They do show up on mri so perhaps this maybe an option for you.


You must go back. One of my ovaries was "missing" on the ultrasound scan and the gynaecologist told me it was as it should be because ovaries shrink as you get older.  It turned out it was invisible because it was hidden by a tumour the size of an orange, which he thought was a fibroid, which quickly became the size of a grapefruit.  Do go back, I had a dull aching pain in my right side too.  I didn't have any bloating or early satiety but they are all possible symptoms of ovarian cancer although of course there can be other more innocent reasons for the same symptoms.  Have a look at the main Overcome site for more information and then get a new appointment with your GP.



Definately go back to your Gp and ask for a scan and bloods, specifically CA125.

I had lack of appetite, got full easily and bloated, looked 6 months pregnant, the sooner you get diagnosed,whatever may be wrong or not ,the better and will give you peace of mind,

Best wishes,

Carole xx


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