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TV Program

Hi all,

On looking through the tv schedule, I note that there is a program tomorrow night on BBC2 at 9.00, about a woman with ovarian cancer. It is in the "hospital" series. Might or might not be of interest to us.

Also, on a much more light hearted note, the hair in my head has grown back really curly after chemo. My pubic hair however has grown back straight!!! I now have a fringe. Who knew?

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Having had a rough day, you've managed to make me laugh!! 😆 You certainly have to have a sense of humour to get through this !!!




Bless you tired as I am you made me laugh too ,thanks for the heads up on the tv x


Hi, thanks for the update on the programme, it's one I watch anyway so will be more interesting than usual.

My hair (head) came back really curly and now is straighter than it ever was, upside being I no longer go frizzy in damp/humid weather 😊, as for the downstairs fluffy bits 😂, they were and still are straight, who'd have thought it.

Hope you're well, your humour is obviously in fine form 😂❤️Xx Jane




Hi, the second part of your post made me laugh. Fab sense of humour. All the best. Ann xx


This programme is about me! And my operation 2 months ago in London!

I have had to keep this quiet until now due to BBC contracts.

I am extremely proud to have taken part in this Documentary for the BBC. My ovarian cancer story will be featured in tonight's episode of Hospital on BBC2 at 9pm (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08wwdbb). "This episode focuses on the challenges faced by a struggling NHS that doesn’t have the funds to cover expensive treatments needed by some cancer patients."

I, (Nicky) am trying to raise the necessary funds for treatment and costs myself: gofundme.com/nickys-chance-... You can help me by sharing my funding page.

I also did this documentary as I wanted to also raise SIGNIFICANT AWARENESS to help, and inspire other ovarian cancer ladies, along with educating the public in this awful disease. I hope it will reach a big audience that will highlight some of the issues we face for treatment.

The story has already been highly commended and has been selected by the BBC to be shown in a Documentary Film Festival. In the film I hope they shown me dedicating all my love and gratitude to all you amazing women on Ovacome who have supported and helped me.

#hospital #BBC2 @ImperialNHS


Nicky, what type of ovc did you have x

Hope all going well


Hi Nicky, i will watch this with even more interest now, and if you post in the future, i will be able to put a face to the post! Thankyou for letting us know.



Hi Nicky,

I will also watch this programme and thank you for putting yourself forward to help the cause of all us ladies with OC. Good luck and best wishes to yourself. Could you advise when the documentary Film Festival is broadcast!


Ha ha ha. Thank you love Bridie


It's on record....will watch with even greater interest. I think Hospital is an amazing series, highlighting the incredible difficulties the NHS face. Good on you for being the face of O.C. janet 🌈


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