Hair return!

Hair return!

Could anyone advise on hairloss/ return?

I have just had my 5th of 6th , 3 weekly carbo/ taxol after a break of 4 weeks post debulking.. my hair has now grown ! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ€—.. but now I'm back on the chemo do you think I will lose it all again ? Does anyone have experience with this ?

Thanks in advance my lovely ladies 😁

Much love Jackie 😘 xx

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  • I had a break of just under three weeks after my operation and although I had only a small amount of regrowth I did completely lose that following 5 and 6. It did finally regrow; very curly!

  • Lovely sunny picture. Sorry I can't advise as had my six chemos then op and hair is resurfacing.... good luck with the rest of your treatment.


  • Thanks ladies , thought it was too good to be true!! Even the legs are growing ! One growth I could do without ! πŸ˜³πŸ™„

    Much love ❀️ Jackie xx

  • That's a lovely photo Jackie.

    My sons hair fell out 3 times each time he started chemo.

    Mines growing 3 weeks post chemo and I'm also wondering if mine will fall out again when I start chemo after my debulking surgery!

  • Hiya Jess!

    Well I'm hanging on to my very little growth at the mo!

    When is your debulking surgery due?

    Also share your opinion with " living with this chronic disease, my oncologist said to treat it like that also , comparing it to diabetes and heart disease, it's somehow easier to cope with worded like that don't you think ?

    Keep in touch Jess.

    Much love ❀️ Jackie xx

  • You look really great Jackie. All my hair fell out during the six chemo's. Its growing faster at the top and slower at the sides and back.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for this Damelza!

    Yes, I'm guarding it with my life at the mo!! Sure it's going as we speak to be honest πŸ™„πŸ˜‘

    Take care !

    Much love ❀️ xx

  • Hi Jackie, my hair had started growing when I had a break from chemo for my debulking surgery, it was about a 9 week break in total and I was feeling really proud with my little bit of growth, unfortunately about 8 days after my 5 th chemo it all fell out again 😟. I am now 6 weeks since chemo finished and it's started growing again πŸ˜€, I'm hopeful by the spring I will be wigless!

    Good luck 😘

  • Hi jackie, I lost a little more hair when chemo started again. I also lost my eyelashes and brows again but they came back quickly xx

  • I am glad your surgery went well, if you are finishing the same chemo then your hair may fall out again but once done it will grow back curley and strong.

  • Hi Jackie,

    Mine did the same, after a few weeks it started to grow a little but once again going through another cycle, I lost it again. We are all different but yours may grow a bit again or you may lose a little more on your next chemo. After my 6th one however, I saw hair returning pretty quickly.

    I can recommend some great stuff to help it grow and strengthen it!

    It was actually a mane growing formula I was looking for for horses, but humans and other pets can use it too!

    It worked brilliantly in my hair and my horse too!

    You just leave it in like a leave in conditioner or, you can leave a few minutes then wash out.

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