CT Results

CT Results

Ive finally reached my destination!!! 10 months after diagnosis my CT scan shows NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!

Ca125 is still 130 ( has been hanging around that since 1st march )

So, together myself, partner, CNS & surgeon ( who I saw for results ) have decided to ignore the numbers for now and I'm booked in for routine follow up in 8 weeks.

As I'm sure you can all understand this leaves me elated, happy and confused all at the same time! Soooo emotional!!!!

Guess this is the nature of the beast. No one knows if and where it may be lurking! But worrying about that is not where I want to be!

So I guess it's time for mind over medicine, build immunity and de stress my life.

Been on this cancer rollercoaster since Dec 2013 ( with my son )

1st stop to book a holiday!

Insurance recommendations welcome! Xx

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  • Fab news!

    For insurance, have a look at Insurance With 😊

  • Absolutely thrilled for you! your happiness radiates from your post. Enjoy your holiday :) xx Kathy xx

  • Wow! NED, the best news anyone can have. Hope your holiday plans go well. Don't forget to pack Factor 50 sunscreen, chemo plays havoc with our skin's ability to cope with strong sun.

    All the best!

  • Jessica, I cannot say how thrilled I am for you and your family NED that is absolutely fantastic and long may it continue. Get that holiday booked and enjoy the sunshine on your face. Love Chris

  • Congratulations on your NED and your excellent way of looking forward, it's time for you to have a really good holiday. Insurewith are excellent, I've used them a couple of times and while they do ask a few questions (which are really pertinent) they are really efficient. Have a fabulous holiday, remember your skin is more sensitive and come back refreshed and ready to move forward, big congratulationary hugs . ❤️Xx Jane

  • So so happy for you, book your holiday and enjoy it .you deserve it.xx

  • Fabulous news. Enjoy. MIA insurance are very good.

  • Jess, utterly wonderful news. I'm really thrilled for you after all you've been through!!

    Virtual high five from me to you, was also told NED last Friday. Am happy but still cautious I guess. Early days still huh

    Def get that holiday booked. It worked wonders for me, I need another one now lol. I tried Insurancewith, but found them a nightmare to get through to on the phone albeit they said it was due to a promotion at the time. I got mine through Boots. Good service & a very similar cost.

    Seriously well done though! You deserve a lucky break.

    Much love

    Sarah xxx

  • Hi Sarah,

    Great news re your NED! I hadn't realised you were not already there? I'm sorry. Have you had your end of treatment CT only just then? Or is this after your Avastin? Xx

    Are you 3 monthly now?

    What will we do with ourselves!!!

    Lots of love xxx

  • Only just had my 'end of treatment' scan on 19 May albeit AM continuing on Avastin till mid October which I'm having every 3 weeks.

    Am currently reading what I can to educate myself, and embarking on a change of diet. Juicing 3-5x a week, Leaning more towards vegetarian food with a bit of chicken & fish thrown in. Back in the gym exercising, & generally doing as much as I can to stay well without it becoming unsustainable.

    It's all good, thank God!!


  • Great news, take a well deserved break. x

  • Brilliant. Have a fantastic holiday.

    Insurewith are who I used. Xxx

  • Great news. Such a relief for you. Enjoy your well deserved break. I used Insurewith following advice from ladies here. It did take a while to get through but they were good. Jo 🌻🌻🌻

  • So happy for you! Have a wonderful holiday!☺️🎉

  • So pleased for you. 😊Can so understand you feeling emotional. Book that celebration holiday you so deserve. Good Luck wishes to both you and your super Son.

    Love, Solange xx

  • Enjoy and congratulations. As others have said try 'Insure with' and have a fab holiday


  • How are you Clare xxxxx

  • Happy days😊 I am not sure where you are living. I am in Ireland and recently discovered that VHI multi trip travel insurance covers pre existing conditions. In order to have the travel insurance you have to have the VHI health insurance.


  • Great result. Enjoy!

    I didn't get on with insurance with. Boots are very good tho.

    Happy holidays!

    Netti x

  • Excellent news!! And what lovely weather to celebrate this new life you will have. So happy for you. Enjoy your holiday!

  • Fantastic news go and have a fabulous holiday.

    Ellsey xx

  • ❤️❤️❤️

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