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Ca125 up again

Hi everyone,

Haven't been on in awhile but now my blood work came in yesterday, 3 months after another bloodwork. 3 months ago my ca125 was at 181, now it is 677. My oncologist has me scheduled for a CT scan next week to see if anythings there. I just had a CT 2 months ago and it was clear. I don't want to have CT every few months. I feel fine, no symptoms. I have put on some belly weight but I've been immobile for the last month as I had repair to breast reconstruction. Still in pain from that. 10 years ago I had breast reconstruction after double mastectomies and there was a lot of scar tissue to get through and my lattisimys muscle was moved about 5 inches. Rib pain and chest pain galore. Do you think I shold br alarmed about the ca125 and anot her CT scan? I am dreading the thought of it coming back... I knew it could, would, come back but......

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Hello.... I'm no expert but could it be that your breast op is what's driven up your ca 125? xx


Yes, first thing I thought

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Hi there if your scan was clear two months ago and your 125 was outside normal margin then it could be as Lyndy says. So your scan next week hopefully will allay your fears. I think just one step at a time at the moment. Try and get more mobile because I know from experience it is hard to get back into movement when you are sore but the more you move the less stiff you get. Start very slowly and build up short walks into longer ones. Hopefully you will get the result you want from your scan

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CA125 is definitely affected by other stresses and inflammation etc in your body and this could be as a result of your breast reconstruction repair.

You've no symptoms which is good and a quick CT scan will hopefully give peace of mind.

The dreaded scanxiety is always present along with the " what if" anxiety and sometimes the only way to face it is via a scan .

Let us know how you get on but I think i it will be due to the stress and strain your body has gone through with your recent breast reconstruction repair.

Thinking of you

Clare cx

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Thank you ladies for your responses and I'm hoping it is from breast recon... had ct scan on friday so of course I've had scanxiety all weekend. Will get results tomorrow. I see my plastic surgeon tomorrow too. Still have breast pain believe its where the Breast pocket is. I wake every morning with redness around scars. Hopefully it's not an infection as she said she may have to remove implant if it gets infected. You know, if it's not one thing, it's something else. We all have to live with the what ifs in life, this is just another.

Thank you all for taking the time out to respond. For those of you in London area, God bless and be safe. ♡♡♡♡♡


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