day 4 of first chemo

ok so far so good, feeling very nauseous today thou and cannot believe with all this beautiful weather I'm burning as soon as looking at the sun, feel like a vampire haha!! guess the nausea is just part and parcel and I have a very metal taste in my mouth sometimes, I've quit sugar and loving all the new recipes I'm doing, but today I don't feel like anything at all to eat .......I'm on carboplatin only so I think its quite doable and mild to what some of you lovely ladies are going through but just thought I'd ask for any tips on this xxxxx

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  • Hi

    Have you not been given any anti-sickness tablets to take. You don't have to suffer the nausea there are loads of different anti-sickness to combat it. I wouldn't worry about the loss of appetite as long as you are getting plenty of fluids, the appetite will return. Go careful with the sun as you will burn quicker - plenty of sun factor 50! Ginger helps the nausea too and I used to find pineapple helped with the metallic taste. Sometimes it's trial and error to find what works best for you. Hope you are coping ok. xx Kathy

  • Thankyou hunny, yes last day today of the sickness tablets and steroids but I do have back up if needed! Such a horrible feeling nausea isn't it? Yes I'm going to get factor 50 xx love pineapple and ginger so will try that ! Sparkling water is helping at the mo drinking lots ❤️

  • Hi, day 4 was the horror for me 😔. Didn't they give you anti nausea meds? They really do their job and you don't have to be brave, the drugs do work 😊. The metallic taste is an unfortunate side effects the chemo. Don't worry too much about appetite it will come back but you must stay hydrated.

    My skin has never been the same, my freckled skin doesn't respond well to the sun at the best of times but I'm more sensitive now than ever. Factor 50 now for us girls.

    Keep as well as you can ❤️Xx Jane

  • I would say stay hydrated ice pops, soleros or smoothies on a stick are good, There will be days you will feel like this, Bovril or Marmite as a drink in case tea isnt appealing. Pineapple is also good for taking that taste away or strong peppermints.

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