Final update

My 2nd line treatment of carboplatin/Caelyx did not work. After 3 treatments the cancer has grown and has caused multiple bowel obstructions. I was offered weekly taxol and told this would have a 50% chance of bringing some relief but would be unlikely to resolve the bowel obstructions. I declined. I have been passed to palliative care and am now in the local Hospice. I have an NGA tube in draining my stomach and am allowed small sips of water. I obviously can't eat.

My family and I are devastated, this wasn't how it was supposed to end.

I wish you all well in your fights against this horrible disease and hope that your outcomes are far better than mine.

Janine xxx

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  • Oh Janine I am so sorry. Sending love and hugs to you and strength to your family. At least the hospice is expert at making you comfortable after all you've been through..much love Lyndall

  • Hi Jeanine, I don't want this to sound like a silly question but can they offer your surgery on your bowel? Even if it's only a small operation so you are able to eat normally. Please take care my thoughts are with you Cindyxx

  • Hi Janine, I'm so sorry and sad at the same time reading your post, I can not find the right word to describe how frustrating it must be for you and your family to face this horrible disease, all I can say is I'm keeping you and all the ladies here in my prayers all the time.

    Sending you lots of love and prayers..xxxx

  • Hi lovely,

    If you have the strength please seek a second opinion, how they can call it the end after 2nd line is beyond me!

    As the other ladies have said can they not do a bowel operation so you can eat otherwise they're just letting you starve to death!

    Please keep us all updated xxx

  • Hi Janine. I would echo CallmeMum's suggestion of seeking a second opinion if you feel strong enough. Could you, with your familys support, push for surgery to relieve your bowel obstructions? It does seem somewhat premature for your team to call it a day at this point though.

    My thoughts are with you and your family as you decide which path to take, and hope that there is another option for you if you choose to take it. Much love Ali xx

  • Dear Janine, I was so,so ,sorry to read your post. My heart goes out to both you & your family, at this extremely difficult time. I am sure the hospice will be kind & caring,but as someone else said cannot you not get a second opinion. I will pray for you. Love & hugs,

  • Hi Janine. I read your post with a heavy heart. I do hope you are being kept comfortable. My thoughts are will you all at this time. Kathy xx

  • Janine I'm sad to hear this news. I'm sure you and only you can decide what you do next. If surgery or a second opinion are something you could consider I wish you luck and whatever you decide I send you strength and peace. I hope you get some beautiful moments and have time to spend lots of quality meet ups with your nearest and dearest.

    All the best

    Netti xx

  • This is a sad post to read. I understand you choosing not to try taxol and hope you are comfortable. These are scary times with OC and it's unique presentation in each of us. Fingers crossed they have other options to discuss and consider

    LA xx

  • Janine I'm so sad to read your post and send you lots of love.

    Judy xx

  • Hello Janine, I am so sad to read this. I can understand too that you decided not to try weekly Taxol. You're right, it's not supposed to end like this, if only your tumours had grown in the opposite direction from your bowel, some empty space in your abdomen that isn't so critical to us. You are in the best place to be pain free.

    Thinking of you and your family. Helen

  • My thoughts are with you, sending you and your family love and virtual support xxx

  • Dear Janine, adding my thoughts and love to all that surround you and your family XX

  • A very sad post. I would, as other ladies have advised, get a second opinion. They must try something else for you.

    Thinking of you xxxxxx

  • Was very sad to read this Janine. I too would make the same decision over taxol. Wishing peace of mind and tranquility for you and your family. Xx

  • Hi Janine

    So sorry to hear this sad news and hope you are comfortable at least. Sending love and hugs and virtual strength to you and your family and friends xx

  • I am so sorry to read your post and send my best wishes of peace and hope that they can do something more for you.

  • I am very sad for you, but how brave to include us all so we can keep your spirits up. We warriors are all behind you.

  • DEAREST Janine, Words are inadequate to express how sad I feel for you and your love ones. May you be surrounded by love and peace at this time. I hope your symptoms are well controlled and you spend precious time with the people that you love the most. Chris

  • Sorry to hear your news. Weekly taxol didn't work for me and I have been referred for palliative care. I hope your last days are peaceful.

  • Janine; thank you for being so honest....I would imagine the Marsden know what they are doing and will offer you all they think is sensible for your individual situation.. I sometimes find myself thinking that many people do not think they will ever die and if you have decided to refuse more treatment which does not have a guaranteed success, that is a brave decision ....I don't know about asking for a second opinion or more is a difficult one. What I am sure about is that most oncologists really want the best for their patients, although am not sure if I want my daughter to be one (which she is thinking of!)

    Whatever your future holds I do wish you peace and love...its what we all desire most I think...thank you again for posting and loving thoughts and prayers too, to to all your family;....Chris xx

  • No words can express how we are feeling for you. i wish you the best in your brave decision and fight. Thank you for allowing us to have a moment of your life. What ever is the outcome my thoughts are with you. Sharon

  • Dear Janine, I hope you are comfortable and surrounded by those you love. I am so sorry you've had to write this post. X

  • Hi Janine, I just read your post with a heavy heart. I feel like this will be my next option I'm on carbonplin and caelyx this is my 4th line treatment. I can't add any more then the other ladies only to send my best wishes and I will be thinking of you..Lorraine xx 💙💙

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