Bioppsy by General Anaesthetic

Just heard from the Cancer specialist Nurse that I am to have a biopsy via general anaesthetic. The Oncologist did tell me last week it would be done either by a needle to draw off or general anaesthetic - the problem with general anaesthetic they could perforate my bowel. Has anyone else had it done this way and was your bowel in tact or did they perforate it. The prospect of having my bowel perforated is quite daunting especially with coping with everything else. Helpppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • I had an ultrasound guided needle biopsy under local anaesthetic - one of the risks was bowel perforation but I was fine. It did hurt and my radiologist said -sit on your hands- thank goodness he did or I would have punched him when they hit the tumor!!

    I imagine yours will be similar? They like to warn us of all the possible outcomes but I believe perforation is rare??

    Hope all goes well.


  • Thanks for replying - everyone is so supportive on this site.


  • I did too - if they knock you out though I would think the risk reduces, as you cannot flinch....


    Sue xxx

  • Thanks Sue - will post how I get on.


  • Anyone can have a perforation that's why it's down as one of the risks which are explained. at least it's a general .. I thought it unlikely too ? All good wishes to

    you . X x

  • Thanks Tina - feel better already.


  • I had an ultrasound guided needle biopsy under local. I felt nothing until afterwards (do not refuse the painkillers) and had to spend 4 hours flat on my back and 4 hours sitting up in bed before they let me out.

    They biopsied the tumour in my omentum and even I could feel that (the tumour that is)! I was also much distracted by the gorgeous Dr who performed it! If I had been 30 years younger I'd have asked for his phone number!

    A general would, I think, be safer for a deeper biopsy as you would be unable to move! Practice relaxation and self hypnosis to avoid movement - it does help!

    Good luck!


  • Thanks Margaret for your advice and support - it is so nice to know people out there care - it is so much appreciated.

    Will let you know how I get on.



  • I was sent for an ultrasound biopsy but was told she didn't feel she could perform the biopsy because of the risk of perforating my bowel so I had to reschedule for a vaginal ultrasound and biopsy with local. Never again! I wish I had been knocked out before hand as I've never experienced anything so painful. It didn't help that the woman doing it was still 'practising' so had an experienced guy with her watching. No matter how many times they told me how well I was doing I still screamed the place down!!!

    I'm sure your experience will be far better as you will be fast asleep.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks for replying AnnieMae I am booked in for Friday will let everyone know how I get on, quite glad I will be asleep from what people have said.



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