Manuka Honey

I'm using Manuka Doctor honey on a surgical wound. As a nurse I did a lot if research on types of honey, they are not all the same and raw may cause bigger problems. The week I've been using this my surgeon and I are happy with the healing so far, the picture is 5 days apart. Probably has about another 10 days or so until it's healed enough not to need honey, but it is better than the antibiotic ointment I was using. Do research on medical honey especially if you have MRSA.

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  • This picture popped up in my newsfeed as I'm cooking dinner - now I feel a bit 🤢


  • Honey dressings used to be available on the NHS -do not know if they still are.

  • I had an to use honey on a wound as well. I used the same as my doctor - therahoney by medline. Worked very well. However my wound took a lot longer to heal. Probably because of the chemo wreaking havoc. Happy healing. 🌸🌼🌺

  • Honey has long been thought of as natures antibiotic, I have it every day in my morning hot water and lemon drink, I've added dandelion root tea into the mix as it's a good antioxidant but the honey makes it so nice to taste. I can't see any gruesome photos so assume your post has been edited but I've just had dinner so am quite glad, I used bio oil on my wound and my scar is really neat, my surgeon was impressed at the healing rate. Hope you continue to heal well ❤️Xx Jane

  • Gosh, thank goodness you've deleted those dreadful pictures. The number of times they've hit me in the eyes when I was least expecting it.......the first time I was on a train and a young school boy was surreptitiously looking at my phone. I was so embarrassed.

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