Waiting for nuclear reaction!

The chemo has had a poor impact on my insides so having read a variety of advisory blogs on here I am now full of pears, figs, apricots, hot water with lemon and honey and a movicol!

If any of you hear of an explosion on the South coast later today, don't panic it will be me!

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  • Brollies up everyone!


  • LOL.. Oh dear. I remember that feeling it was awful.. I found figs helped me a lot but i didnt like them much. I persevered because i ended up in pain.

    I hope you are feeling better very very soon.

    Lots of love

    suzanne. xxx

  • Oh god POOR Madz!! Sympathies my dear girl ... Now, brace yourself...

  • I'm still waiting for the aftershock Waves here in Wales. Anything moving yet Madz. Poor you.

    All my sympathy. Chinese tea can 'make you go' - you'd need to get to one of those high street Chinese Medicine Shops - but I warn you - it can be explosive!

    loads of love xxxx Annie

  • Hope the earth has moved for you by now!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Glad you said South Coast, we have enough explosions here in Croydon.

  • The earth or something like it has moved - had some more movicol so will probably be up all night now, will give me time to hone my stories for the blog x

  • I am so glad, when I was that way inclined I took nine movacols still didn't do a thing but pears are good :-) lots of love x G x

  • So relieved you're relieved! ;-)

    Linda xx

  • A wonderful feeling ...more so if its been 4 days or more xxxx

    Jan xx

  • What a wonderful conversation haha! Hope I'm safe in Kent and you're soon feeling much more comfortable.

    Love Linda xx

  • Your safe in Kent at the moment but can't promise all will remain quiet in the middle of the night ;-0

  • So if we get "thunder" in West Sussex tonight I won't worry! Only problem is, my husband will probably assume I have wind again!

    Love chris

  • Tell him it's floating in from the west - although floating may not be the best term I could have used!

  • Glad things have got moving Madz.. After both my ops nothing moved for 9 days. Oh the relief when it finally happens.

    Love Mary xx

  • It''s finally reached East Sussex!! Is anywhere safe?

    Love Anne xx

  • Hey Madz

    I've just been wondering how you are. Has the weather front and other disturbances settled down by now? Are you feeling OK?

    Sending lots of love xxx Annie

  • Feeling much better the movicol did the trick, although laparotomy bit sore again now - just have this one spot that is still tender and it was always the worst bit post op. Any way overall good and have come out of the chemo fug, have had my hair chopped into a pixie cut in prep for the fallout and really like it, haven't had short hair forever! Thank you for asking xxxx

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