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After 2nd hospital admission, I was discharged yesterday with

My whole wound layed open, packed and with a Vac pump with a clear tube attached to it that needs to remain on 24/7 for a few weeks to encourage it to heal. Catching glimpses of it makes me heave!

Today has been the 1st day I have been home alone, so I ended crying my eyes out. I think this whole experience will take me a long time to get over physcologically emotionally and physically and I am so grateful for you all being there.

I dont feel able to go out with the pump attached, Xmas can just come and go, fast forward 2014.

Carol x x

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Ahhhh, Carol. Can only send you a big hug and say that everything will heal, even your battered confidence and emotions. I know it must seem as if you'll never get through all this, but try planning a tiny little treat each day, something to look forward to, even if it's just a lovely piece of music or a walk on the garden (when the rain stops!). Just sending you cyberhugs........have'll be feeling better soon, I'm sure

Love Wendy xx


My heart goes out to you right now, I just want to give you a big hug to make it all go away for you...just remember step by step, and day by day, you will grow stronger and get there in the end I'm sure

Love Luanna xx


Dear Carol, this is awful. You've been so unlucky. Don't stay alone in the house. It's no wonder you're down with all that to deal with.

Sending a PM. love Annie xxx


It must be horrible for you, and adds to the whole ghastly experience, which is traumatising enough!

Get through, day by day, and in time everything will change.

Very best wishes,



Wise advice above. I'd add that if you need it, you can get regular visits from the district nurses (health visitors, as they are now known). The hospital should have arranged this but I think it has to be initiated by the `GP, which means waiting 'til tomorrow to find out… I hope you're not going to be alone today, but if you have any concerns at all, call NHS111 and ask them to send someone to help (this will be an out of hours GP with a nurse). I'm not sure, but I think that the Macmillan help line is open on Sundays - see their website - please forgive me if I am wrong. Tears can be healing, at least you are feeling the trauma and shock of what you have been thru', which is better than bottling it up. I hope you get thru' today, and as each day passes, the shock will ease, and in a few weeks you'll be a lot better. Hold on to the thought that you don't need chemo, and you have an excellent prognosis in the long term. Best wishes, Vxxx


Hi carol,

So sorry you are still having a rough time from the op, at least you wont have chemo to cope with as well so you can concentrate on getting well, im sure christmas with your family will cheer you up, if you are ever alone remember I only live down the road....

Hugs and healing

Andrea x x


Hi ,

What a nightmare for you. Lots of good advice above , best wishes ,dy xx


Dear Carol, also sending you a big (((((HUG))))) to help make you feel better. Its true that crying is better out than in, so let those emotions run away....... you hang on in there and you will soon be feeling better.

Take Care. Love Trish xx


Dear Carol,So sorry you have had such a traumatic time,Hope you will feel a little better day by day,sending you lots of cyber hugs, Love Sue xx


What a nasty time you're having. You definitely should be having home visits to help with this so hope your GP will be able to sort that out. My district nurses were brilliant. Sending bucket loads of love and hugs. Mary xx


Oh poor you Carol, I am no remotely surprised you feel poleaxed by all this. Sounds utterly horrible. I think you need to cry, rant and generally get this out, it's a necessary physical reaction which will really help you. There is time before Christmas, I think you may feel a lot better by then so don't entirely write it off. Maybe you should regard the holidays as a marker ... After they are over you will be over the hump and able to look forward again. You may be able to cheer up a little for it, do try? It will make you feel more cheerful, but may take some resolution to achieve, I realise. Big hugs from me too


Sue xxx


Dear Carol

You must be feeling rotten. You feel so vulnerable when you have a wound like that. Have you got anyone to look after you? If not get people to pop round - even if you don't actually feel like it - it just helps to distract yourself for half an hour. That and rubbish on TV. My palliative care nurse is great. She's quite strict with me if I am feeling down in a caring way of course, full of sensible advice like remember to eat and take all the pain relief you need.

Just keep believing that this bad time will pass.

Love Sarah


Thank you all for your kind words, I have so little to groan about compared to some of you lovely ladies. I don't have to face chemo for a start so I do feel I should be dealing with this better. I have a lovely caring husband, who works shifts and the district nurses were arranged by the hospital before I was discharged. I know I will get through this eventually. I have had 3 operations all under GA in the past 2 months, facing redundancy plus now into the menopause as well as facing cancer it is a little too much and think I made need some counselling or tablets to help lift my mood, it is overwhelming. I cant wash properly because of the pump, I don't have the energy to blow dry my hair at the moment either, sleep is in fits and starts. Hmm writing this down no wonder I feel like I do.


Don't hesitate to come back on here and have a moan, you have really been through the mill. It often helps to write about how you feel, probably even better to ask the nurses, at hospital or GP surgery, if you can have counselling to sort out all you've been through. Hope things start to heal soon. Give yourself time.....and gentleness xx


Hi Carol,

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, you're having to cope with a heck of a lot, no wonder you are feeling low! Is there any way some personal care could be organised for you?

I also agree that it's not good to be alone too much, I hope there are people you can talk to even if it's on the phone.

Sending you a huge hug,

Libby xx


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