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Hello lovelies: I have finished 2nd line treatment for OC, now NED, I have been told about the Care Oncologist Clinic in London, I want to know if any of you have had any experience with them and if you recommend ithem as I am thinking going to see them.

Initially I was told I could meet the new creteria to have access to Niraparib as I was NED for 3 years and I am not BRCA mutilation and I have had 2 courses of platinum based Chemo, but now they told me I don’t meet the creteria as when I had the operation they took away all the desease and the criteria was that there were some desease left after the op that will go away with the chemo.

Please let me know in your experience what should I do, thanks very much in advance xxx

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Hi, I have taken the COC protocol since my 4th of 6 chemo (frontline). I’m NED for 17 months now and I don’t know if this has made the difference but I’m not taking the risk of stopping. The drugs have been easy to take and I find the clinic dr fantastic. Do it, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain

Marian xxx

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Thanks very much for your replay, I will do it ASAP, have u had bad side effects?, does your GP subscribe the medicine you need or the COC?

Are you based in London?

Liz xxx

Hi just wondered if this is a private clinic in London ? Do you need to be referred or can you just make an appointment?

Thanks Maggie

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Hi Maggie: It is a private clinic based in London, you will need to make an appointment, you can google their tel number and make enquires regarding their services & cost, it is not that expensive. xxx

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Thanks I will look into it after my last chemotherapy, do let us know how you get on their. Hopefully they will recommend you to have niraparib and you’ll be able to get it from your local oncology hospital.

Good luck x

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