Inflamed lymph nodes in pelvis I dont no what to do

Hi has anyone ever had inflamed lymph nodes in your pelvis as I said a fee weeks ago my ca125 was going up slowly now my scan as said this I dont no what to do im going ariund in circles my oncg said its proberly cancer on the move so why cant I have radiotherapy or chemo should I get second opinion very much appreciated if anyone has had a similar story thanks hope you are all well xxx

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  • I would ask for them to be removed if they are the cause of your problems. I'm all for better out than in. Is there a plan by your team?

    LA xx

  • No plans just go way and I will see you in 3 months but if things are on the move I should be doing something but my team is if you are well we wont do anything thanks for replying hooe you are ok xxx

  • I also have 2 lymn nodes in same place ad 2nd reccurrance with them had 6 cycles of chemo only to be told it didnt do anything kept them stable.. then 8 wks ago bloods rose to 700 onco said they've prob moved so had another scan and see her wednesday for results i no it will be more chemo dont no why they cant just zap them away.. sending u hugs xx

  • Hi Rosanne

    In Feb 2016 a CT scan showed swollen periaortic lymph nodes which I was told indicated a recurrence of my PPC. At this stage I did request a review of my CT scan by an oncologist in a different hospital . She suggested waiting until July for a repeat scan as they prefer to treat later rather than earlier . It's very difficult to deal with that idea as all you want is to zap them with chemo immediately. I finally started chemo in Aug but got Carbo only which I didn't agree with as the advice from the alternative oncologist was to include Taxol because of my long NED status. The swelling did go down but not completely so I have another scan in Jun.

    I hope I haven't confused you by all this but it would appear your oncologist is asking you to wait like me to see if they swell more. If you do get a second opinion make sure you get to discuss it fully. Also please bring someone with you to your appointments as I regret never bringing anyone with me until recently. Looking back I now realise that I was intimidated and undermined by the oncologist and his CNS. I stuck with this hospital as I have a kind understanding gynaecologist but I will have to rethink my whole situation very soon. The very best of luck.


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