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Spread to upper GI lymph nodes

Hi my sister was diagnosed with stage 3C OC in August at age 40. The cancer has spread to her upper GI lymph nodes which is apparently quite unusual and because it is surrounding all the major blood vessels and veins they have said it is inoperable. She has had 6 rounds of chemo which has shrunk the tumor in her abdomen from 17cm to 11cm but it has not reduced the tumors around her upper GI lymph nodes. The have talked to us about having the tumor in her abdomen removed to relieve symptoms though as they cannot remove all the cancer they have said it is unlikely to prolong her life. We are waiting for a second opinion at the moment. Has anyone else had experience of this type of spread and are there any other treatments we could look at. Thank you for any advise.

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Hello .. I totally empathise with your situation. There are many woman here who will too. I don't know your sister's full history though I know she's in a difficult situation. However, there are many histories I've heard of where the disease has been controlled. Sending you all good thoughts. Xx


Hello - don't loose hope, I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with stage 4 OC, spread to lymph nodes centrally from abdomen up and in my lungs. I am on my third lot of chemo and am still ok. I am lucky that my abdominal disease is not causing symptoms unlike your sister. Each of us is so individual and this ridiculous disease is full of twists and turns. I didn't think I would see Christmas when I got the news in oct 2012 so now I take each day as it comes, I don't follow any fads but eat healthily and am a spiritual person so meditate which helps me keep calm and also see a homeopathic medic to complement the chemo and help my body to repair. Hope is a marvellous thing and even a small amount of light will help the darkest of days. All my thoughts and love are with you and your sister, new treatments and trials come along all the time. We only need one to be the one to work xxxxx


Hi I hope you are ok.

I read your story about your sister, my mum is in exactly the same situation, she is having a full body scan before her op in a couple of weeks so we know what we are dealing with. We know she has stage 3/4 ovarian which is in surrounding lymph nodes but she has a lump on her neck which we have been told is likely to be connected, she has had 2 lots chemo but the lump on her neck hasn't gone down at all.

Would be really interested to understand what is happening with your sister.

Sending lots of love your way x


Hi thank you so much for your replies. The latest on my sister is that they managed to find a vascular surgeon who was prepared to try and remove the cancer around the upper GI lymph nodes. She had the operation about 3 weeks ago and they managed to remove all the cancer which is amazing considering that they originally thought it was inoperable. She is finding the recovery quite difficult and still has 2 more rounds of chemo to go. We are trying to stay as positive as possible though she has been told she has an 80% chance of it returning. Lots of love to you and your mum too, I hope for some good news.


Oh I am pleased you found someone to do it for her! Who was the surgeon that operated on her if you don't mind me asking? Also did you have to do this privately? We had appointment today and they have talked around possible radio therapy for the lymph node in her neck, they also said it may not be connected to the cancer but I am not keeping my hopes up on that to be honest. I hope your sister a speedy recovery so she can start getting back to normality. I think reoccurrences are pretty common from what I have read, especially when it is a later stage, however the question is when. Some women have years and years before it does, plus they can still treat reoccurrences so doesn't seem so frightening I don't think! Sending lots positive thoughts your way x


Hi, she is being treated at UCH in London, Miss McDonald was the Gyne surgeon who organised the surgery and for the other surgeons, an upper GI and vascular surgeon to do some of the operation. I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the vascular surgeon but he is also based at UCH. I really hope you can find some good treatment options for your mum. x


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