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ultrasound shows enlarged uterus and fibroid cysts laserscopic procedure shows nothing

Had three ultrasounds over last 3 months because of extreme bleeding for 3 days of my period! Ultrasounds showed my uterus with thick lining and enlarged as if I was 16 weeks pregnant and some good size fibroid cysts. Today the put a scope in my uterus found no cysts, no polyps, and no enlarged uterus. Said all looked normal. They did a dnc and said tissue samples be back in two weeks, I am 49 in July. How can ultrasounds show this, but once inside it's all normal?

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Can you ask your GP to explain perhaps how this could be while you're waiting for the results? I'm only guessing that perhaps it might be the timing of the ultrasounds and the scope procedure, during your menstrual cycle. I say this because I know the lining of the uterus thickens in readiness for a fertilised egg and then under the influence of progesterone, if no fertilised egg is embedded, the lining is shed. Fibroids also can come and go. Another alternative is that the ultrasounds were misinterpreted but that seems unlikely given that there were three of them.

It's an anxious time waiting for results as the mind goes into overdrive but hopefully there will be a benign explanation for your symptoms. You might find a site on health unlocked specifically for uterine problems where you can share your symptoms; this is an ovarian cancer site but there might be some of us who have had your symptoms who will reply. Good luck!

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