can you still have oc if the ultrasound shows nothing?

I have low back pain, abdominal discomfort and sometimes pain. I feel like I have no energy.

I need to wee a lot more than normal. plus my stomach feels hard and bloated, sometimes it feels like when your stomach goes hard when your pregnant.

I have done water tests and they were clear and I have just had a us scan and they said it appeared normal.

so what can it be?

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  • I would ask for a CA125 blood test because if it is elevated it can be in indication worth further investigation. Following this then a CT scan may be required. I would,nt accept anything less as all too often symptoms are missed. Love Sandra and Paul xx

  • My c didn't sow on ultrasound and my Ca125 is normal though I have late stage disease. Most people who have your symptoms won't have OC. A Ca125 would be a start. What does your GP say I wonder? X

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  • Hi, I'm sorry you've got this worry. My OC didn't show as anything suspicious on my first ultrasound but the radiologist thought she saw nodules on my gall bladder, so sent me for a more powerful US scan and a Trans-vaginal (internal) one, then a CA125, which made them realise I needed an investigative op. have a look at the BEATonline target tracker on the Ovacome home page. If you choose the BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome option and scroll down, you'll get to a record you can make and print out for your doctor.

    Hope it's not as you are fearing

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you all of you for your advice. My GP was the one who referred me for the scan. I am just worried because I have a history of poly cystic ovaries and endremetrious, my gut instinct is that something is not right but I feel like I am making a fuss and being dramatic!

  • Dramatic be damned. Trust your gut instinct and keep pushing for investigations - all the above advice is good stuff. Endometriosis family history can I believe be a risk factor in any case - I think it was mentioned in the genetic presentation some of us saw last weekend, if memory serves...

    So sorry you have all this stress, its awful especially when doctors don't seem to listen. Don't accept that, keep going til you have your answers whatever they may be, OK?


    Sue xxx

  • No, you're not making a fuss. I felt (for two or three years) that something was very wrong. I kept being sent home with 'explanations'. I had endometriosis, ovary pain, history of infertility. Have a look at the story on my profile if you want the details! Do fill in the BEAT tracker. Fill it in and print out the results. it shows you are aware of the possibilities and GPs should take the evidence seriously. Ask for a CA125 blood test and another scan, which includes a Trans-vaginal element. It's your health, however, you have to keep nagging!

    All the best

    Love Wendy xx

  • Another night of not sleeping because my back and stomach hurt or I feel sick :) Thank you ladies for your advice. How do you find the on line tracker , I am having trouble getting on the web page.

  • Put in the words

    Ovacome symptom beat tracker

    Into google. Tracker starts at bottom of page. X x

  • Thanks

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