Space travel

Space travel

I went to see Tim Peake's pod after my blood tests today. I'm heading into round 5 of 6 carbo/taxol and this sign seemed to sum up how I feel right now. I'm going to get it printed and put it on my door when I return to work!

After watching the landing last June (and before any of this started for me) I thought it was extraordinary that 3 men can be hurled through the earth's atmosphere in a tiny tin can...and survive. Now it makes me hope that anything is possible and seeing the pod today I realised how much trust the astronauts put in so many people to get them safely home....

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  • I like your idea because we put our faith in our teams to get us back on track too dont we? So two more to go almost done, it must be such a relief.

  • Yes we do and that's what I realised when I was looking at the pod and the enormous parachute that's so essential to getting them home safely.

    My treatment has all gone really quickly and it will be a relief to be finished and not to have any more of those horrible post chemo days. But I will miss all of the lovely people who have looked after me!

    I'm nervous about stepping back into the real world but have been in touch with work which is making it feel a bit less scary and I'm trying to get some nice things booked up with friends. I'm expecting a good result at the end of treatment which I know I should celebrate but it feels a bit too soon to do that knowing that this disease has a habit of coming back. I might need to get a couple of check ups under my belt before having a proper celebration!

  • This could so easily be applied to us OC ladies couldn't it? we've not been to space but we've been somewhere else not as exciting and we are definitely fragile as a result. Hope your last two treatments aren't too arduous for you, you're nearly there now, keep strong and keep well ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thank you. I'm just about to call in to check my admission time - I have a 24 hour infusion to manage my allergic reaction to the paclitaxel as well as huge quantities of steroids. It's quite a test of patience but I'm grateful that the treatment can be completed. The staff are also amazing and make it bearable x

  • I will be thinking of you, just relax., easy said than done but you will be fine.. I wonder if they will offer you avastin after your chemo treatment, I have exactly like what you have, and when I was scanned after my debulking surgery and resume my 5th cycle of carbo/taxol they found out I have 2 small nodules around my peritoneal wall, so they included avastin with my 5th & 6th cycle of carbo/taxol. Now I'm on avastin only until October .. Take care xxx

  • Hi Luchie - there's been no mention of Avastin - after surgery they said they'd removed all visible disease and I think the scan has confirmed that. Today's chemo has just been postponed as one of the wards has closed due to a suspected infection. Back again tomorrow when they'll have a bed! Xx

  • Thanks for this. Is it in London? The space centre near Leicester has modules you can touch and even get inside. I like the comment about teams. I heard something on Radio 4 about how medical teams that can work together and share information from the professions involved have better results. No one could get people into space on their own and no one can beat the beast alone but together, who knows?

  • Hi - yes it's at the science museum. It definitely made me think about the teams we have supporting us through this difficult illness and how much we have to trust them to get us"home" x

  • Meant to add that I'll put the space centre on my to do list, thanks for the recommendation. I was one of the many people hit by the space bug last year:)

  • Thought you might like to know that I’m writing this from Newport Pagnell services. We’re on our way to the space centre in Leicester before visiting our daughter in Nottingham. Thanks for the recommendation😀

  • Oh dear. In was hit by tha?t .in the 60s. It's never gone.

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