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Foreign travel post OC

I know there's a current thread about travel insurance through a bank but I don't have that so need to look elsewhere.

I'm an inveterate traveller and the idea that my stage 1a diagnosis in Dec, treated with surgery but nothing else, is going to clip my wings is quite a concern!

I usually get annual insurance which covers me for "adventure sports" (because I go hillwalking and need cover to high altitude for that). My insurance expires in March and they've told me that they cannot cover me for ANY pre-existing conditions now (not even my well-controlled blood pressure which they were happy to cover before).

My daughter lives in Spain so I will definitely be going abroad through the year. I'm tempted to not bother with travel insurance; I have my EHIC card and if I'm ill in Spain I can use their health system if it's an emergency and come home if it isnt'!

Is there any point even asking other companies if they'll cover me for this first year post-diagnosis? Should I just stay at home and walk on British mountains instead? Is there a good company that will cover everything bar cancer stuff?

Any ideas? what about the 2nd year after diagnosis, do the insurance companies get more relaxed then? (I'm planning ahead!) Any point even looking for annual policies or should I take things one trip at a time?

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I have an annual p[olicy with Eurotunnel which covers my husband and I, so long as we are medically fit to travel. I don't know about the hill walking, I think they have a policy that covers wintersports that might work. Good luck, Vxxx


For my annual policy my travel insurance company has just excluded ovarian cancer and it means I can travel worldwide even in my first year after diagnosis. I was the same stage as you so am more than happy with this. My holidays tend to be on the more adventurous side!


Hi there.. I'd be a outraged if I couldn't pay a little extra for pre-existing conditions provided I supplied the full information. I actually can't get insurance from anywhere any longer. Last year, we went to Spain for a few weeks and while I was there, I got a norovirus which was going round the hotel. The doctor said not to bother going to a public hospital because I'd have to wait hours and hours to get seen since it was a Sunday. I didn't have travel insurance and I thought I'd rely on the E111 but it was no use then. The care in a public hospital in Spain is very different to the private ones though a person does get seen in the end. Anyway, whilst we were there, we learned that expats living there were going to have to pay for their medical fees per month but I'm not sure if they have to do that. There is an arrangement whereby the British government pay up once the paperwork is sorted out. The Spanish government have claimed that the British aren't paying up and thus are being deliberately awkward about taking the E111 in hospitals in some areas (the regions in Spain are autonomous and make up their own rules) and instead, are asking people to claim on their travel insurance instead. Afterwards, the situation was on TV in an info documentary but whether things have improved, I'm not sure. Incidentally, I heard about a recent case where a man who had a serious accident in Spain. He'd had a small beer or such (not much alcohol anyway) and it wasn't his fault that it happened in any event. However, there was a clause (and is in almost all policies) in small print towards the end of the policy which says that if there is any... and I mean any .. alcohol in a person's body when an accident happens, the claim is not paid out. And, you know, insurance companies have been rejecting claims for hundreds of years, haven't they? If I were in your position (which I'm not), I'd shop around and pay more by declaring and getting cover for existing conditions. To me, life is about adventure.Love Tina xx


Tina, I am fairly sure you would get cover with Eurotunnel as long as your doctor says you are fit to travel. That is the only proviso. It's been all over the BC community and insures several people who've had bone marrow transplants. Best, Vxxx


Thanks Vicky.. I'll check that out next week... Love Tina x x


Jus replied to main query with company i use. But i have noticed that a lot of ins co. are letting people just insure for wot ailments they want. I' m sure that these co. wud use this as excuse for not paying out. As u say a lot of people must travel without knowing that they r not ins. because of pre-existing conditions. Have a look at askaboutinsurance.co.uk. Good luck. Wendy.


You'll certainly be able to get insurance, but if you want to include OC related ill health, you'll pay what feels like through the nose.

I've a feeling I couldn't get annual insurance in the first year or so after diagnosis. With a 1a and feeling fit, I would feel safe excluding OC and this would bring the price down. But in my experience you'd still need to target companies which cover pre-existing conditions. I've had cover at different times from:

InsureandGo for a couple of years now - they came out the most reasonable of the ones I checked. I was quite impressed when they rang me up in the summer to check whether I'd realised our (annual) policy was expiring that very day when we were going away ( gulp!!) .

Before them, I used Citybond Suretravel for a couple of years.

I think I got on to them both via the the Insurance Surgery originally. I've never had to claim for anything ( touch wood) so I don't know whether there'd be any messing about if I did. I've tended to check prices every time - there doesn't seem to be a consistent best buy.

The money pages in the paper keep reporting problems people are having in Spain.

(At the risk of sounding very bossy) DON'T even think of not getting travel insurance. What happens if you get run over? Or trip on a pavement and get a fracture? The travel insurance covers a lot more than OC. My father had two strokes, both in France, both of which involved repatriation with medical staff, and one with an air ambulance. I know our universe is a bit dominated by cancer but there are all sorts of other medical and other emergencies to factor in!

Sorry this has turned out a bit long, but hope it's helpful. xxx


Try J D Travel their telephone number is 0844 2474749. I use them to insure everything but the cancer for me and also my husband. As I have found that there seem to be issues for those that travel with someone with cancer. They usually charge me about £67.00 a trip to cover us both. They will also give an insurance quote to cover the cancer, which is more expensive. I have always found them quick and the paperwork comes through quickly and they have my records stored so I do not have to start from scratch every time I ring.

Love Wendy x


Hi I found an insurance company through my local cancer hospital MIA insurance it's online I was diagnosed stage 2a ovarian cancer 5yrs ago 2 major ops later and things are fairly stable it had only cost me £61 some wanted £2000!! You need a letter of your consultant but speak to them good luck!! X



In go with MIA insurance each year. They insured me for France the year I was diagnosed with stage 4 and I went on holiday at the end of my treatment. Cost was around £100 and included my husband. Still around the same price four years later. All I have to do is get the doctor to put on my records that I'm fit to travel. Hope this helps.

Love Chris x x


I've always found MIA to be good,but this link they have on their website is interesting to read and very informative. Love x G x 8-)


Ps sorry this link doesn't work but if you go on their website Mia has some interesting information on different destinations good and bad written in a humourous way


This mite be of use. I had grade 3 phase3 OC and this company insured me 6mths after my last chemo. Their web site is askaboutinsurane.co.uk. Very helpful web site and cost wasnt outlandish. Found them thru list at local hosp that other patients in similar circs had put forward. Have been with them for 7 yrs now.

Its ironic that now dont get charged extra for oc but the fact that ive got arthritis,lol. Hope this helps. Luv Wendy


Thanks everyone, food for thought there, I shall check out options when my current insurance expires.

If I have to use the Spanish public hospitals, so be it --- they can't legally refuse the EHIC and my daughter and I both speak Spanish well enough to explain/argue if necessary!


Hi. I have basic travel insurance via my bank account but they excluded my OC and breast cancer. So I topped it up using Insure Pink which was very reasonably price, much cheaper than any other cancer insurance companies. I haven't had to claim so don't know how it would be but covers anything related to cancer. My worry was my basic policy would try and say almost anything was a result of the treatment. Good luck. Xx


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