Docetaxel not taxol

Hi lovely ladies, In my last post I asked if weekly Taxol at 50gms was low and from your replies it seems to be, I have had 3 dose and it 's going up so I was stressing out thinking that I was on too low a dose. I called my clinic nurse she was great called me back with in a couple hours to let me know that I'm on Docetaxel, not Taxol she said that it is often called by mistake just Taxol there are other derivatives Paclitaxel is called Taxol.

So I'm on the right dose for Docetaxel normally given about 100gms every 3 weeks so I'm on 50gms every week for 3 week and one week off a total of 150 gms over 3 weeks, plus my oncologist is not to worried about the increase she feels that 3 more and a scan will tell us more, so here's hoping it gives the beast a good kick in the butt.

Sending my best wishes for a lovely Easter to all..Lorraine xxx

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  • I had Docetaxel too (but every 3 weeks, not weekly). I'm glad you got some answers!

  • Hi, yes did did help I've had 4 so far 3 on and one week of,how was your results ? I hope you got good results.

    Best wishes Lorraine xx

  • I had to have it instead of paclitaxol and it worked just fine! 6 months NED at the moment...

  • Hi , just read your post 38 is young with two children, I'm so glad to read you are doing so well and hope with all my heart you continue to do well for many many more years.

    Cheers Lorraine xx

  • Aw! Thanks Lorraine. My kids are what got me through, although it did make me sad when my youngest didn't want a cuddle from me in case she caught what I had, and when my eldest started drawing family pictures and included me wearing scarves/hats instead of hair 😭 They both love my pixie crop now though, even if my husband and I look identical when pictures are drawn 😂

  • Hi there try not to worry, you are getting the same as everyone getting it every three weeks. Yes the scan will indeed give you better results, so try not to worry

  • Hi Suzuki, I do feel better two more does to go then I'll have the scan.

    Cheers Lorraine xx

  • I'm glad, and relieved, you got that sorted out. And good that you have a team that responded to your query quickly. It makes so much difference to know they are doing their best for us.

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