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Avastin Gave Me Kidney Damage/Doxil Didn't Work

Hello Ladies,

Here is my story: First line treatment, I did amazing (or so I thought). My scans were clean and I lived a short remission. I recurred and was put on monthly doses of Avastin and Doxil. The Avastin has given me a terrible time. I had to stop after three full doses. I now have high blood pressure and kidney damage from the Avastin. My kidney levels keep rising although I have been off the Avastin for two months. The Avastin also created issues with my hemoglobins and red platelets. It has been a nightmare to say the least. I have received 5 doses of Doxil but will be switching to a new regiment as my CT revealed the two existing lesions have slightly grown. No other new growths noted!!!

I will now be on a dose reduction and a kidney friendly type chemo. I am looking for any advice on kidney friendly chemo drugs and a boost of confidence as I feel like no matter how hard I try these past 5 months I keep getting kicked!!!!

How many lines of treatment have we all been on???? Anybody with kidney issues???

I am thankful for any info you can provide.

Kind regards,


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I didn't have such a bad time on Avastin but at one stage my GP gave me a lecture about the fact that, although it wasn't big chemo, it was still a very powerful I am not surprised that it can cause problems like the ones you describe.

I'm interested that you still have high BP- had hoped mine would drop now I've finished Avastin. Hope you find kidney friendly chemo xx


I haven't been on Avastin but I do have kidney issues. I have 2 kidney stents, that seem to be doing what they are supposed to do but I do get a few water infections, currently I'm on weekly taxol apparently it's kinder to my kidneys, I'm coping ok with it so far although get very tired. I am in kidney failure so whatever chemo they give me they have to make sure my kidney function is in the right parameters, I drink lots and lots and lots of water to help with this. this will be my 4th line, so no wonder my kidneys aren't great!

Wishing you all the best




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