I having been thinking wether to post this or not but nerves have got the best of me, so here goes. My urine sample has come back with micro blood traces, unfortunately for me I did the worse thing by going onto Dr Google, I have no fever,pain apart from an annoying pain below my left ribs,but now my head is in overdrive.

I have been told take another sample in on Monday for testing but I am leaving for Scotland tomorrow to be with my grandchildren so will now do it on my return. has anyone else had this post optimal debulking.

Ellsey xx

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  • Hi ,

    I have had ongoing bladder problems before and since . Maybe a minor infection and nothing to worry about and not connected with anything to do with the cancer . The bladder is prone to infections with are often picked up from the bowel so try not to worry . Dy xx

  • Hi I have often had this, nothing more than a bladder infection, certainly after op and chemo. Calmed down after a while and clear for quite some time. Try not to worry xx

  • I've had this and it was an easily treated bladder infection.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I had something very similar post op while still in hospital. Antibiotics soon got it sorted. Try not to worry too much ❤xx Jane

  • Every time I've done a urine sample I've had traces of blood in my urine. I've not had any infection. Twenty years ago I had blood in my urine after a test. They don't seem concerned. I have protein in my urine a lot and they don't know whether the avastin causes this or the blood. I've had to do a few 24 hour urine samples.

    I tend not to worry about it. Xxx

  • I had some blood in my urine,it had gone a very dark colour, almost like a dark brown. Apart from a bit of shivering about an hour beforehand, I had no other symptoms. I phoned oncology helpline as I was going through chemo at the time. It took another few hours before a high temperature emerged. I had a bladder infection. I do hope there is nothing sinister going on and it can be easily treated with antibiotics. Ann xx

  • Thank you Ann I am sure that's what it will be, also hope you are doing ok.

    Ellsey xx

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