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Low pelvic pain back


Hi all, I'm four months since last chemo and last scan was Ned and c125 18, consultant very pleased and next checkup Dec 21st but last few days iv had low pain not constant or burning just a dull ache, iv been to Dr with water sample which was fine and he tried to reassure me that all was ok but my mind is on overdrive now, has anyone else had this, is it part of the new me or do I need to speak to consultant

Linds xx

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Hi Linds, did you ask for a ca125? I know GPS would rather you wait till you see your cancer doctor but it might put your mind at rest but it's easier said than done. I asked my new GP but he wanted me to wait till I went back to the cancer clinic in January. I have a dull pain in my ribs most of the time so I do know how you are feeling.

There will be ladies on here that might be better at answering your concerns. I hope its sorted soon take care Cindyxx

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Thanks hun, i thought everything was ok but now I'm on mental overdrive, I'm booked for all bloods including c125 wk Monday but will ask earlier if this carries on over wk end x

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Yes, good idea. It might be nothing but checking it out if it carries on means you are taking control. Good luck, lets hope its nothing to worry about. Cindyxx

I was told if something carries on for two weeks to call. It's so hard with this new 'normal' though isn't it? I think that if something feels not right then it's good to have a GP appt in the first instance AND call your CNS as she (he) will also advise.

Hope you are ok,

Take care

Clare xx

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Thanks Clare, it's all a worry, I feel fine but then I did when it was found

I get a dull ache in my lower abdomen if I walk too far. I also get lots of little pains but think most of it bowel pain. The oncologist has told me nothing to worry about. Think it is something we have to live with after having half our insides cut out. My daughter has told me that these pains are also common after caesareans.

I also get very neurotic especially when nearing an oncology appointment but don't think we would be normal if didn't.

Because of what we have been through we are thinking the worse with every pain in our middle region but if you had a pain in your foot or hand wouldn't think twice of it.

If you are that worried phone your Macmillan nurse to get your appointment brought forward or for reassurance speak to the help at Ovacome.

Lots of luck.

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Thanks hun, i will but you may be right about the bowel, I'd nit thought of that xx

Hi I read the other comments and agree with them. I have suffered with low pelvic pain and have been told it's scar adhesions also have developed diverticulitis . I get really anxious as well so understand completely. I am seeing oncologist Wednesday am waiting for an internal ultra sound, had one for my groin area yesterday as have a lump which has turned out to be a hernia. All these little things are much bigger things for us when we have been through such a lot already. It's best to check it out. I will be writing down a list of questions ready for Wednesday. All the best Dee

Everyone's body is different. What may be one ache for one may be different for another. I had lower left pelvic aches 3 months after finishing front line. My CA-125 went from 11, 22 and then 64. I had a very odd feeling when it hit 22 but like I said we are all different. The ache for me were two tumors appeared in my left pelvic region after being NED since the CT scan at my third cycle. Be your own advocate and speak up. If you are not comfortable push your doctor for further testing. Remember they work for you so speak your mind. It's your body. I hope it is nothing and it is just you adjusting to a new normal. Big hugs to you and like I said be your own advocate. Please keep us posted. Nancy

I have had lower back pain since I had surgery. It comes on if I'm on my feet for too long, whether that's walking or doing some ironing for example. I do worry about it and wish it would go so I can feel better with my body. I am currently NED and ca125 is 8 so I cannot use the sign of back ache as a recurrence. Maybe you have just been pushing yourself a bit too much??

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Ooh quite possible, it's like getting ned and suddenly I'm expected to be like before, trouble is I also need to learn to say no xx

I get lower back pain if I stand for too long. Walking is ok. Saw the oncologist last week and my CA125 is still only 6 so it's not a recurrence. I think I agree with Bev155-it may be a result of having half our insides cut out! It drives me crazy though. I hate my body getting in the way of what I'm doing. Keeping my back muscles warm helps a bit.

Don't think this cold weather helps, I sometimes have an ache in my right pelvic area which was where the demon was! A lot of the aches and pains I think are down to our ops and chemo, but if you are really bothered,speak up and get advice,because if you don't you won't have peace of mind until you do

Lots of love

Carole xxx

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Thanks Carole, my pain was on the right I thought it was a water infection but it actually started in left fallopian tube, so glad I went back after they'd said my sample was ok xx

I am glad you are getting this checked out just to be safe. I am sure it is nothing major. Maybe the shower gel might be causing the burning if you hadnt a uti. Use Simple baby wash or non perfumed shower gel. For the pain, my gp told me it was my bowel resettling after my surgery. I remember that day vividly, I had a bag packed for hospital as I was convinced I was going back there. But it settled. Wishing you well for the test etc

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