gemzar and parp inhibitor

Hello, I took a month off of chemo, it was so nice. Was suppose to have cyrosurgery but not an option for me, sounded good, my ca125 went from 300 to 600 2 cycles of alitima, so sick from it, my 2nd ca125 after break from chemo stayed the same, had catscan and its pretty much the same 3 tumors 2 deep in pelvis around 2cm. I start gemzar tomorrow day one and day 8, not sure how that will go I get sick thinking about it, Has any one had luck with gemzar. In two weeks parp inhibitor is being approved for all not just gene mutation . Dr. said it could be couple months before it happens. Once it comes out I can switch to that pill, hope it is soon, is anyone on it that is not hdr postive. I have not been tested for that, genetic testing for me was negetive which is good for kids. Thank-you for any advice. God Bless, Rosalie

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  • Hi Rosebud, I was on Gemzar with Avastin, I started it in 2013 completed Gem 2014 and continued on Avastin for nearly a year and a half. I was stable and so far so good. So it does work, it might affect your white and red cells but they come back up. It is doable, make sure you get the anti sick you need and movicol or whatever you team prescribes. If one doesnt work, there is always another anti sick. I wish you the best

  • Thank-you glad your doing good!

  • Hi, I had gemcitabine but it was with carboplatin which I am now allergic to. The combination gave me 20 months remission. There were two times that I couldn't have the 8th day gem due to low platelets. Good luck.

  • Thank-you just had today, hope I am good for day 8, I am also allergic to carbo, nasty stuff!

  • What is the new pap inhibitor?

  • It is he same one , just new to being approved for all women, not just genetic mutation

  • Can I ask is it olaparib that you are talking about? where are you based?

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