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Surgery coming Tuesday

Hello friends,

Anxiety is arising, I am scheduled for my Omentectomy and at the same time take a look see for any suspicious activity. I had a complete hysterectomy already do that's done. Pre op labs look good all normal, even the CA125 came down from 514 to 295. No metastases else where. My doctor doesn't paint a real happy story which has stressed me out, but I guess that is their job. I feel that since I am and never have been symptomatic(the omental cake was found on a CT following my other friends the kidney stones) I think this was caught real early.

What I don't know is why is the CA125 come down? and what is bad high vs concerning high?

Well thank you all and Bless you for being here..


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Hi Roxanne

Just wanted to say that I hope it goes well for you. Sounds like you've got lots of questions for your team- perhaps once the surgery is done they will be in a better position to answer? Could you write down all your questions and while you're in hospital you should get a chance to ask and keep asking until you are satisfied... very best wishes xx


I definitely will do 😉


Sorry can't answer your questions but wanted to send you best wishes and positive vibes for Tuesday . Only natural that you will be getting anxious. Try and stay busy preparing things to make life easier when you get home . As suggested good idea to write down all your questions for your team . Before you know it you will be back home and recovering ready to enjoy the summer . Love and best wishes .

Stay strong love Kim X

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