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Back to work...but so so tired

Hi everyone. finished chemo end Jan - then for the first time starting thinking about having a future and what I was going to do there! I was made redundant mid chemo so started thinking about a job and did a couple of afternoons volunteering @ a local charity to see how I coped. Well they got funding for a new project - encouraged me to apply for one of the jobs and here I am week 3 as a part time employee after a year off work! It's great but the fatigue just hits in the evenings (I just fall asleep after dinner to be woken by puppy (pee pee NOW please!) and need 9 hours snooze a night) and my brain is defo processing more slowly than before chemo. Any thoughts on how long it might be before I pick up again? Alison xx

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Hi Alison,

I am 2 years after chemo and am still very up and down,some days fine,but today had a 10 minute nap.

Just important not to beat yourself up over it,we are all doing our best.Sounds like you are doing so well,

Carole xxx


HI Alison,

I am finished Chemo one year on Thursday! Can't believe it's been a year! I still get tired sometimes especially when I have a very busy day but it gets better all the time! So my advice is give yourself time your energy will come back slowly but surely but it does take time! Your body has been through a lot and you are not long finished Chemo so take your time and mind yourself!

Onwards and Upwards!!



I finished chemo march 2016 back at work may 2016 now it's march 2017 and I'm still shattered. My main problem is have under active thyroid but still would be nice to feel bouncy in evenings

LA xx


Same chemo end date and hypo thyroid in Oct. So tired! The Dr. Said probably due to chemo.. I went back to work in June 2016 and quit due to exhaustion in Jan. 2017. Take care! Still fighting to feel better!


Hi Alison, well done on the job. 2 months post chemo is not very long. I am now 7 months post chemo and I still get very tired. I need at least 8 hours sleep but that's down from 9 or 10 hours. I'll often have naps during the day and these can last 2 hours!

As the ladies say, the fatigue lasts a while.

My suggestion - enjoy the work but listen to your body and get the rest you need.

Hugs, T. X


Were you on carbo/taxol? I took months to really get my energy back after that but I did slowly recover, gradually doing more and walking further (14 miles eventually). I'm glad you've found something rewarding and useful and are even being paid for it. I volunteered in a charity shop for a while after my treatment till it closed when a lease changed and I still see some of the people I worked with.


Well done on the job, it sounds really rewarding and a good cause.

The tiredness doesn't have a short term fix I'm afraid, I'm two and a quarter years post chemo (carbo/taxol) and think I can now say I'm pretty much back to the energy levels I had before I got onboard the rollercoaster of OC. Our bodies have been subjected to major trauma and chemo poisoning so it stands to reason that it will take time to get back to some sort of normality. You are only two months post chemo so it's very early days, it will get better but we have to be realistic, it will happen, however, patience is a virtue and let's not forget we are older than we were when we started the chemo trip so age has to be a factor too.

I really hope you start to feel better soon, I found that B12 vitamins helped, I also take a good quality multivitamin each day and eat loads of protein for energy and strength + so much fruit & veg which helps too.

Take it one step at a time, pace yourself and you will get there. Big hugs and love ❤️ xx Jane


Hi Alison, it is hard going back to work even part time. It is exhausting I know that from being there and doing it. See if you can get an extra five minutes break during the day. It is normal to feel tired but plenty of rest, perhaps vitamin b tablets or get your iron levels checked if there is no improvement. I hope you are also eating greens etc to aid your recovery,


Please have your thyroid checked, seems like sometimes the chemo messes with our thyroid and we need that extra push that our thyroid gives us.. Also check about maybe increasing your B12 intake that may just be the energy shot you need. Good Luck.


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