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Back to it

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After a lovely break in Lanzarote today is back to chemo day. Feeling very anxious for some reason maybe it’s because of the chemo I’m having and remember 5 years ago how crap I felt and poorly. But like onc said it was probably the fluid and disease that made me so ill. The last 3 sessions were ok. Anyway cold cap trying today as well. Love to all, we can do this.

Sorry about the holiday pics!! Xx

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Ahh hope all goes well. A holiday before will have recharged the batteries and you can go and get the unwelcome lodgers evicted again. 💐😘

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Samjane in reply to LittleSan

Thank you, so nervous it’s ridiculous! X😘

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LittleSan in reply to Samjane

Am sure that when you get there it'll feel all too familiar! Soothing hug winging it's way to you. Xx

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Samjane in reply to LittleSan

Thank you I’m take it with me xx

I really think where chemo is concerned ignorance is bliss. I remember feeling very scared at my first infusion but not fully understanding what was happening to me or how I would feel afterwards, got my 11th infusion next week and dreading it as I know what to expect. Good luck with your next treatment, take the holiday brochures with you and get booking your next trip..........lovely pic! x

Nothing like a holiday to build you up before facing chemo again. I hope it goes ok. I remember feeling nervous when I started chemo for a recurrence so I think we probably all understand how you are feeling. Big Hug, Kathy xx

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Samjane in reply to Katmal-UK

Thank you xx

Dear Sam,

Hope it all goes well.

You never know how you are going to react to chemo and we are all so different.

Hopefully, it won’t knock you back too much, but if it does, let your friends and family pamper you, but if it is too gruelling, let your team know, so they can adjust your meds.

I think you are very brave to try the cold cap!

Please report how that goes!

Wishing you all the best,


I'll just add , lie back and think of that holiday venue. I use visualisation a lot, it works wonders for me. Some chemo's are not too harsh so hope your getting one of those. Good luck and keep in touch. Sylvia

I’m on my second round of chemo. The first time I was really knocked out. This time after the first cycle I have felt no side effects at all. Hope you will fare as well.

I had the cold cap! Very doable and now they have a better type! I would use it again for sure xxx

Glad you had a nice holiday, we need a holiday from the mundane to keep us sane, all the best with your treatment

Oh no, Samjane. Sorry you are headed for chemo again. I wish you best of luck and soon another holiday like this one. xx. Maus

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