Feeling tired but worth it.

Hi peeps, just wanted to say me and my hubby went to Manchester arena last night and saw Elvis in concert with the philharmonic Orchestra, it was absolutely brilliant and fantastic how they had sett it up. Elvis on a big screen with the orchestra playing in front. Pricilla came on stage a few times to talk about the show and what some of his songs meant to Elvis. Stayed the night at a premier Inn and came back this morning then straight on to hospital to have chemo. Been a long day but it was worth it, even the gasping for breath after walking up a lot of stairs and thinking am I going to make it lol. so happy we went. just wanted to share that with you. love Julie xxx

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  • So would have loved to see the show ... bet it was amazing ... glad you enjoyed it great memories 🎉😃

  • Thanks shelly it was, I have only to listen to Elvis and he cheers me up.☺xx

  • Me too ... so glad I managed to visit Graceland ... I loved the bathroom wallpaper with black poodles and the 70's kitchen ... so want to go back with the new hotel the heartbreak hotel was very tired xx

  • Yes we went there ten years ago, I couldn't believe I was actually there. stayed in heartbreak hotel but like you think the new hotel will be better. pricilla was saying about it. she said it's a replica of graceland ( I think that is right) but the way my memory is at the moment!!! lol. xxx

  • Hi Julie,

    Glad you managed to go see it. U should be so proud of yourself while on chemo. Rest up and take it easy. How many more do you have left now?? Can't be that many now??

  • Thanks millie I thought I had two more to go after yesterday but it's three. still will be finished on the 16th of Dec before Christmas. 😊xx

  • Not long to go now then. U doing so well. Will be nice to have finished over Christmas. Xx

  • Thanks millie yes it will, but silly as it seems it will feel strange not going. Got our youngest grandson here he is sleeping the night, love having him. Keeps my mind off the bad things. xxx

  • I am shopping with my two nieces and sister for Christmas. They are stopping over too. My baby is all grown up at 20 so love having them stay over. Kids just totally keep your mind busy. I will be tired tomorrow but will be well worth it. Xx

  • Sounds great! love Elvis,glad you had a good time xx

  • Thanks yes I really enjoyed it, it was packed in the areana. 😃xx

  • Oh well done you...it feels like you are one up when you fit in what you really want to do despite the cancer chemo etc!

    Xxxxxx L

  • Thanks lindy, it was worth the ride there. we went by bus as it's so busy in Manchester and didn't want the hassle driving. Took two hrs but so glad we went.😃xxxx

  • I saw the show in Leeds and it was fabulous, I think I was blubbing within the first 10 minutes. Loved it xx

  • Ye so was I, when it started with if I could dream and just showing the sky I started then. if he only knew how much he was still loved, it was an amazing piece of work. xxx

  • Hi Julie,

    Sounds amazing,music has been one of the things (along with my grandson) that has kept me going.I saw that on a programme and thought how wonderful it would be to go,but the ticket situation down here is scandalous.

    On a small scale, I went to see Go West (80s band) in a local theatre last night and spent the evening dancing and singing,it was a joyful evening that made me glad to be alive.

    I hope last night did that for you too and that it's given you the lift you need to finish your chemo before Christmas,

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Thanks carol, I am the same I love listening to my music it relaxes me and takes my mind off things. glad you enjoyed the concert and you had a great time. xcc

  • Sounds great, will look out for it. X

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