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Back to work

The day finally arrived on Friday 14th December when I was allowed back to work. I was very nervous as I had been off 10 weeks. I kept thinking I could not remember what to do. What with being off so long and all the chemo my head was not with it. I decided to go in early just to get used to things. After an hour of checking out the new menu and the till I was ready to go, and go I did it was a busy night and I did not finish until 11.30 pm ( I started at 3pm) so I did an eight and half hour shift. Yesterday was fun I started at 11.00am and finished at 7.30pm and we were short staffed so it was even more busy, but I must say I LOVED IT. I felt like me again I did not have time to think about my condition ( I never call it an illness as I don`t feel ill now) everyone at work treated me normally no special treatment which was fine by me. My boss did ask me a couple of times if I was okay and I think he was pleased when I said I was fine.

I am off to work again today 12pm to 6pm today but as we all know Sunday lunch is a busy one, so early night for me.

I just hope I can carry on working for many years to come, as Im not due to retire until I am 66.

Love to you all

Babs x x

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Well done Babs! Back in the swing of things. I am so glad you enjoyed the last couple of days, I know you love your job! Try not to get too tired though. It's a busy time of year too. You are quite a girl! ;-) All wishes for good health to you, and take care...

Love Wendy xx


Hi Babs,

Great news so glad you have settled back to "normal" routine love x G x :-)


It's great that you're back to work and enjoying it.

I can't remember where you are but maybe we should organise a get-together in your restaurant some time. ;-)


Linda xx


Babs lives in Kent. I'd be up for a restaurant get-together - so long as Babs has a day off! xx


Dear Babs

You're absolutely amazing coping with the chemotherapy and now back to work after 10 weeks. I'm ashamed to say I had 5 months off before I thought of going back to work. I think you're right though to get back into your work routine as a long period of absence can be a bit daunting.

Just please take care of yourself and as Wendy says, 'Don't get too tired'. I'm amazed you aren't on light duties to start with. Keep that in mind if you do find it all a bit tiring - even though I know you're very excited to be back at work.

You're making me feel guilty you're working today. I'm having a very lazy Sunday and thoroughly enjoying it.

Loads of love xxx Annie


Hi Annie,

I really don't think you (or anyone else) needs to be 'ashamed' - however long it takes to go back to work, or if they find they cannot go back at all. I think for many of us, cancer is a way of life telling us that we are doing the wrong things in terms of life, work and activity. Don't feel guilty- it's bad for you!!

Best wishes,



Ah, I'm not guilty that I haven't returned to work. I'm delighted! Perhaps I should have used the word 'lazy' which would have been more apt given I was still in my pyjamas when Babs posted to say she would be at work.

Interesting your take on cancer telling us we're doing the wrong things in terms of life, work and activity. I was chatting to a medical student some while back and he told me there was reason to believe from research findings that some personality/character traits are more linked to cancer than others.

I think in fact having cancer has brought a new richness to my life but I'm fortunate for the time being that I haven't felt ill. xxxx


Congratulations - glad you are enjoying it.

Take care.



Hi Babs

Well done, I'm glad you are enjoying being back at work. Please don't overdo it, and make sure you put those feet up when you get home.

Love Linda xx


Hi Babs,

Congratulations, It must feel fantastic that after only 10wks you are back to work.

I had always intended going back (the jury is still out on that) but I really cant see it (I'm 63) and could have retired in 2009.

Just make sure you don't overdo it, and enjoy

Love Chris xx


Congratulations Babs on your return to work. I so envy you as I would have

loved to return to my job but have been unable to as my job was too demanding

being a housekeeper of a 30 bed hotel.

Friday I handed in my notice as there hasn't been any offer of a lighter job.

I am now a Lady of Leisure or in other words ' PENSIONER ' I was 61 last may.

My job did keep me very fit as I was running around the hotel all day and I must say

I did recover quickly from my op.

So take care Babs and make sure you don't get too tired as I know how busy this time

of year gets.

Angie xx


Hi Everyone

Just to say thank you ladies for being concerned about me over doing things. I must say the only thing that hurts is my feet they are not used to all the running about. As for me I feel great and had the best nights sleep ever last night. I was in bed by 10pm and did not get up till 9am this morning. I am glad I took the full 10 weeks off as now I feel fully recovered. My scar healed well Im still wearing my support knickers as I put on a lot of weight while I was off and they pull my tummy in. I am hoping now Im back at work i will get back into shape.

Hope your all well and looking forward to Christmas.

Love Babs x x


Babs, you have a model figure! You're in perfect shape. Glad everything's going so well for you. xxx love Annie


I hope you don't have to work too hard in the run up to Christmas, my hubby is a chef and is sick of the sight of turkey already and is exhausted from all the functions and dinners - so take it easy when you can. I have been strongly advised to stay away from work whilst having chemo as I can't be away from the shop floor of the hospital and my very stressful role. My onc wanted my only stress to be my chemo and I agree with Isadora that if OC had not happened I would still be working 12 hour days and on my days off, something had to give I suppose. I would rather have learnt a life lesson a different way!

Well done for getting back its a great step forward.

Have a great festive season

Lotsa love Amanda


Well done indeed Babs, you put me to shame. So glad its gone so well. I think you will be able to trust your body to tell you when to rest.

Best wishes

Love Mary xx


Congrats Babs,its so tough, those first days back. So pleased it went well- but don't overdo it will you. Gosh its good to see someone enjoying thier work- I am counting the years to retirement - 7 left to early retirement!





Here's to Babs and her wondrous support knickers, bravely re-entering the working fray!!! (Visions of a superwoman cartoon hero with said knicks outside her leggings and gigantic OC on chest)

I'm not at all surprised you feel great, you are picking up life where you left off, a kittle healed, a little wiser and with different perspective is all... Me, I can't wait to go back properly after new year - my last chemo on the 28th, a nice psychological break point as I can (fingers crossed) leave this behind in 2012 and look forward to a better 2013. You do the same -- we don't know what the future holds but we do know one thing: life us good so get out there and enjoy it! :)

Love Sue



Hi Babs

Well done- I know I felt 'normal' again when I went back to work in January, but oh boy was I tired! Like you I really slept well after the days I worked.

I do concur with Annie about the model figure though- you looked great when we met up!

Happy Christmass!

Love Anne xxx


I'll second that, Anne! Hope you're still doing OK and not feeling too tired, Babs :-)

Love W xx


Well done You,Babs. Even for those of us who are well past retirement like me, it does our hearts good to hear these courageous stories. And isn't it wonderful to get that 'this is the REAL ME feeling again. I went to the local shopping centre with a friend on Sat. after a spell when I've been kept in by chemo. and really enjoyed that lovely feeling and brought some of it home with me.

Take care of yourself - and more power to you!



Babs, a big pat on the back. Well done, you must be feeling on a high after the lows of this year. You certainly sound happy, and hey ... anything to take your mind off OC is a good thing in my books.

Take it easy xx


Hi there Babs ..catching up ..

Fab news re your return to work ..pretty busy shifts so do make sure you do not over do it xxx

So glad you are feeling more like 'you' again ..its a good feeling too ..pleased take it steady and try not to tire yourself out for Christmas xx

Love Jan xxx


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