2nd recurrence

Hello everyone

I haven't posted in some time but I've been keeping up to date on the posts and the lovely encouragement and support shown to all in this community.

I finished 2nd line (carbo, cyclophosphamide + avastin) on January 12th. In actual fact, for the last 4 sessions I only had carbo due to very low platelets, haemoglobin and neutrophils. I began to feel bloated late January and CA125 went from 29 to 85 to 210 in 3 weeks. So.........I had a scan on Feb 23rd and it showed further spread in peritoneum with ascites. I'm starting a new chemo today called Topotecan as I'm now deemed platinum resistant and while I'm grateful that there are still treatment options for me, I am feeling very daunted...........


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  • Hi Juliette,

    Sorry to hear your news,however, hopeful that you have further treatment ahead. Ascites are a pain, I had them and was drained over a 2 week period,will you be drained before treatment?

    I know it's daunting,but once you get started on treatment you know you will feel better,you can then get yourself into gear and fight the good fight,life is worth fighting for,

    Wish you all the best,

    Carole xx

  • Thank you Carole

    Draining hasn't been mentioned, so I'm assuming that it will reduce with the treatment.............

    I think you're right, once treatment starts we're on another road that takes away the discomfort of the condition, even if it has it's side effects!

    I hope you're doing well !


  • l hi luv, you will be fine you are with with people who know what they are doing and yes it's better when you have a plan in place,wish you all the best,

    I am fine love,keep in touch,

    Carole xx

  • Thank you Carole - I wish you all the best as well!

    Juliet x

  • Dear Juliet,

    Im so, so sorry to hear that. It's unfair, you only finished the treatment... I have no words.

    Be strong and keep fighting

    Love xxx


  • Hi Zaneta

    Thank you - I'm still fighting the good fight!


  • Hey Zaneta!

    I have also been thinking of you a lot! How are you doing?


  • Hey Juliet!

    I was only wondering about you the other day! I am so sorry to hear you have to go back into treatment that's just pants!!!!

    Please know that we are all thinking of you and I hope you are ok!


  • Thanks D!

    I missed the Cork patient day as I was on holidays (Tenerife) - I believe it was very good. I'm ok- feeling a bit better as I've been told this treatment is easier to tolerate than previous ones!


  • How do they decide you are platinum resistant when you were being given it as your second line treatment? I am really sorry that you got bad effects so soon after treatment finished... and so onto the next chemo drug...

    Is this how it goes? I posted close to yours - and also have recurrence in the peritoneum area ( thankfully no ascites) , and CA 125 rising much like yours...

    Somehow you have to regather yourself ( I am finding I am doing this right now) to give yourself the strength, will and optimism to move on and hope something works for a longer time

    My very good wishes to you - Janet 🌈

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