Bowel obstruction 10 days after 1st session Cisplatin/Caelyx 3rd line

Hello lovely ladies really need some help. After feeling pretty rough for first 5 days was feeling better when felt really bloated with pain and vomiting about 20 times in 24 hours. Admitd to a&e who controlled sickness and sent me home, 4 hrs later ambulance again. I am still in hospital after 6 days on dexamethasone pump, 3 lots IV antibiotics, ng tube, and drip. Was starting to feel better with bowel but now feeling sick again from Chemo. Feel so very low and despairing, no rest in hospital and so tired xxxx

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  • So sorry you feel this way,but you are in the right place to get it sorted,just look at it as a blip and keep your mind focused on getting better and getting on with the treatment.

    If you are getting no rest in the hospital,get someone to go in Superdrug and get you some earplugs and an eye mask,it should take the level of noise and light down to a level of you being able to take cat naps,it helped me,

    I wish you all the best,

    Carole xx

  • Hi Caroles, yes ear plugs its not the first thing you think of but very good when on a busy ward. Cindyxx

  • Thank you. It's the fact that I am having to coordinate everyone when I feel so awful I am struggling with, I am not one to feel sorry for myself but do just this moment xx

  • It's bad you have to be doing that,but just look at it as looking after your own interests and giving yourself your best chance.

    But, if you have someone who will come with you to fight your corner,then get them to.

    Otherwise, write a list of questions you need to ask and the answers you get, it will help for the future,

    Wish you all the best,


    Carole xx

  • You poor poor thing (got to be a better word somewhere surely!?) are really suffering and whilst you are in such pain hospitals are horrid places to try and get sleep and peace and quiet.

    I can empathise when you say you have been co ordinating your own care, that's what I was trying to do from my A&E cubicle on Monday. Crazy isn't it? Here you are ill and unwell and you have to co,ord your own care! And hospitals are no place for rest.

    Have you been seen by a hospital Nutritionalist yet? Hopefully the answer is yes but if not then I afraid it's one more piece of coordination for you to get one to come and see you, I was put on a low fibre low residue diet in Jan due to my sluggish /thickening bowels and Ascites and that's essential to keep them unblocked and your BM loose.

    You may not feel it but you're doing so well and when you look back you'll wonder how the hell you coped with this all !!!

    I hope,you are son feeling stronger and fitter and are soon home again .

    Take care

    Thinking of you

    Clare xx

  • Thank you Clare, so are you, at least it's sunny on the ward today which always helps! We can do it!! xxxx

  • Sending you lots of {{{{hugs}}}}. I hope things get all sorted out and you can be back in the comfort of home soon. That dreadful chemo may take a lot out of you, but its kicking the cancer's ass!! 👊🏻💥

    You are in my thoughts!!

    Anne 🌺🌼🌸

  • Thank you Ann xxx

  • I am sorry you ended up in hospital, I hope your bowel problems will soon end and you get to go, after that you should begin to feel better. I understand you have had more chemo so that is what is making you ill at the minute and do ask for anti sick meds . I hope you start feeling well soon, by the way I cant really add to what Carole has said, she is good at supporting people and so is Clare

  • Thank you xxx

  • Oh babe I know how you feel and I feel for you. I remember that ambulance call when I had my bowel obstruction. It is so painful and the ng tube is the worst. I am so sorry I wish I could come bring you some popcicles and rub your feet for your. I chewed on a lot of ice chips and I have to admit, that was my all time low. But with that said, I got through it and so will you. I remember going to visit a friend I met in the chemo room. Her and I strangely enough both had bowel obstructions the same day, both ovarian cancer stage 3C. I had a difficult time visiting her because i felt so bad for her. My friends told me they were scared to see me because of all the tubes. It's so hard when you feel so alone. Feel reach out. I'm here formula up and will always get back to you. Keep breathing and try to look forward, I know it is hard some days, but the future is bright, you just have to get through this shit first.



  • Thank you so much Emilee, just what I needed to hear, it's such terrible pain and when you're feeling rotten from Chemo too sometimes i have very dark moments as there seems no end in sight! Xxxx

  • There is light babe! It's coming! It's going to be a rough road, but keep believing the light is coming. Try some imagery stuff like this: while in your bed, look out the window and if some a ray of sunshine Beaming into your heart center bringing warmth and healing. The mind is very powerful. Even if you don't feel it, just imagine it. Try to get up and walk if possible. I know the pain is terrible, but walking helps. Once that tube is out, for me it was 10 days ( horrible days) but this is the lowest. It doesn't get much worse. This of going up from here! I know you are strong as we all are, sometimes we just have to dig really deep to find that inner strength. Call out to us when you feel alone. Renember, you are never alone❤️


  • Oh so sorry to hear that, I had bowel obstruction so I know how you feeling. I had my first lot of chemo on the Monday then on the Thursday was back in hospital. I was put in a ward with three other people, till the Sunday when I was told by a lovely kind nurse that I should be in a room on my own due to my immune system being low due to the chemo. I was also given morphine injection 's which has helped with the pain. Also like you I had tubes put through nose and throat to help clear the bowel. I couldn't have anything to eat for nearly a week,. I got through it and so will you. Sending you big hugs. Julie xxx

  • I am now a week in and really struggling, thank you for all the positive words, helps so very much, very tired xxx

  • It is in my small intestine and they don't know the cause unfortunately my Oncologist is away! Just don't know what to do, don't want Op but will it sort on its own?

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