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Hi from the Norfolk and Norwich hospital


Hi everyone, who would have thought my cough would turn into something to keep me in hospital over Easter!

A few days before Easter I began to get Breathless and exhausted. On good Friday it was so bad I went to the emergency gp who sent me to hospital. They thought it could be a blood clot in my lungs or the cancer growing and restricting my wind pipe. I stayed in until Saturday and they injected me with blood thinning drugs. They said I would need a ct scan and an ultrasound but to go home and come back Tuesday.

On Sunday I began getting awful cramping pains at the bottom of my tummy where I have a hernia which resulted in my return to hospital in the a& e department. After scans and tests they discovered I had fluid around my heart which they drained 1.5 litres off yesterday. Feel so much better already. Not nice procedure though very uncomfortable even with local anaesthetic.

Still draining liquid today but hopefully on the mend as due to go away in just over two weeks. I hope all my ovacome pals are keeping well. Speaks again soon hugs Jackie xx

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Hi Jackie, I can so sympathise , that procedure is not the nicest thing to go through. After my hysterectomy, I had to have a drain in both sides because of fluid round heart and lungs. Both were done at the same time by trainee doctors so not something I would like to have done again. I hope you are feeling much better now and able to go home soon. Ann xx


Hi Jackie,

This sounds terrible but a learning curve for us all... thank you for sharing I am sorry that you have been in hospital over Easter but I am glad that they have got to the bottom of it and wish you a speedy recovery sending you warm wishes with lots of love x G x

Dear Jackie

I wondered where you'd got to but didn't like to Bother you. I'm so sorry to hear you've been in the wars with not just one but two trips to hospital and missing out on Easter too.

It does sound like you've had the most worrying time but as always you manage to sound so upbeat and an inspiration to us all.

Please get well very soon 'cos we're looking forward to seeing you next Month. I'm so glad you're feeling more comfortable. Get home soon so you can enjoy your holiday.

Love Annie xxx

Hi Jackie

Sorry that you've had such a rough time and glad that you are now feeling a bit better. Here's hoping that you carry on improving and that you'll be able to get away as planned. Keep us posted.

Love Mary xx


That is the most uncomfortable thing, the fluid, and unless they know the cancer they seem to take such a long time to decide what to do about it...... Glad it is all sorted for now, and you can enjoy your holiday.

Love n hugs


Hi there Jackie ..

I know we had talked via other means ...but good to see you are feeling a little brighter .... WE will get that cofffe soon and we able to have that natter xxx

Take care now .

Love Jan xxxx

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