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Ovacome Members Day 2018 update

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We are still planning to go ahead with Members Day, with a few changes.

We were scheduled to start at 10.30 am but we understand that potential travel disruptions will make this difficult. We will wait for the majority to arrive before we start but you will be able still join the sessions whatever time you arrive. We will also aim to finish the day earlier than planned, around 4.00 pm to allow people more time to travel home safely.

Please check the travel information in your area before you set off for Members Day and do not take any risks trying to attend.

If you are unable join us, we will be recording the presentations and these will be available to watch on our website roughly in one weeks’ time. We appreciate that many of you enjoy meeting each other as much as hearing from our speakers. With this in mind we hope to hold another Members Day later in the year with a schedule that allows plenty of time to meet and share experiences with others in similar positions.

If you have any concerns or questions today or tomorrow, you can contact us (Sonia) on the following email and number: s.vig@ovacome.org.uk or call 07427390504.

If you have contacted us to cancel already, thank you for keeping us posted!

Take care and stay warm,

The Ovacome Team

5 Replies
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Thanks team! That’s good advice. Hopefully I will be there tomorrow, but we’re set for more snow this afternoon.


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Yoshbosh in reply to Yoshbosh

Just checked my local train provider’s website, and it’s not looking good for tomorrow 😩 They say they will update regularly.

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Hi there. I'm sorry but my coach has been cancelled from Cheltenham so I will not be able to be there I am afraid. I will watch the presentations with interest. Yours Sian

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☹️ Not going to make it tomorrow as too icy/snowy to get out of the village. Ovacome team please feel free to release my space to anyone who may have wanted a ticket but couldn't get one. Off to put another log on the fire and get the cheer me up bottle of wine ready for later! X

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Hope the day went well in the end. It would be really good if you are able to arrange another event later in the year. Under the circumstances, I expect most of us would be willing to make a contribution to the catering rather than deplete your charitable funds further. Doubtless there was some unused food yesterday.

Looking forward to seeing the presentations later.

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