On top of Tasmania!

On top of Tasmania!

Hello lovely people, I had to share my big challenge with you all - getting to the top of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. It was a long held ambition, so achieving it in the OC context was a bit emotional when I got to the top. Couldn't have got there without wonderful hubby, pushing, pulling and encouraging me up - bit like the OC really.

Best wishes to all of you in your challenges large and small, Dawn

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  • Dawn

    Fab post, fab photo and FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT. I get it was such an emotional moment, very powerful indeed. I hope you feel empowered and strong and rightly proud. I felt a gulp in my throat just reading and looking at your pic .

    Fantastic xxx

    Clare 😀👍🏻🐾🌺🌷🌸👏🏻👏🏻

  • Well done Dawn! Love your analogy about OC and the challenge as well! x

  • Fantastic photo! That's a big challenge, well done for completing it, despite the OC!!

  • Great pic just look at that sky ... well done I know I couldn't even get up the smallest of hills 😳

  • There's nothing like getting to a high place to make you realise you can handle anything! Great achievement - well done to you!

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