Woman of the Year!

Hello All, don't know if you remember me posting about joining Slimming World a few months ago but I'm still going and still losing!

Lost 3st 3.5lbs to date and the most amazing thing happened today. I was voted group Woman of the Year!!!! I feel on top of the World!

I took the opportunity to provide some leaflets about the symptoms of OC too!!

If any of you are wanting to lose weight I can recommend Slimming World. It not only works, but the food you are encouraged to eat fits in so well with everything you should be eating to help beat OC. I feel great!

Sending love to everyone!

Annette xxx

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  • Congratulations Annette,

    That's brilliant news - significant weight loss, Woman of the Year and giving people info about OC - you should be really proud of yourself.

    I hope that you are treating yourself to lots of new clothes.


    Zannah xxx

  • Thanks Zannah. Not going too mad on the new clothes cos I've still got a fair way to go but just the odd item here or there you know lol!


    Annette xxx

  • Well done Annette, I also won this award in 2010 and was at target until last year. You've inspired me to get back on it. Do treat yourself to a few new things to wear as you deserve it. xxx

  • Well done Annette..SW is fab! I too lost 3.5st with them after piling on the weight after my treatment. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to lose weight. Congratulations on your Woman of the Year award! Well deserved! Keep going & keep us posted on how it's going. It's very inspiring! Love Sharon xxx

  • Amazing news, well done xx Trish

  • Well done you, I am also doing the slimming world diet, I started with the 5:2, hubby has continued with that but I went back to SW who I was with pre-diagnosis. It really helps with the motivation to read posts like yours, I've lost 8lbs so far, a long way for me to go yet.


    LA xx

  • Brilliant! Well done! I went to Slimming World about 7 years ago and managed to lose two stone: it was when my weight suddenly went up that I began to think something was wrong ( I had kept the weight off for four years at the time) and that was when they found my tumour. Thankfully I am now well but I think in some ways I have Slimming World to thank!

    Anne xx

  • Congratulations Annette. Well done. So pleased for you. Good too that you are passing on awareness of this disease. Well done on all counts. Ann xo

  • Many congratulations! I also found that SW was a great way to combine all of the advice about nutrition as suggested at Penny Brohn with weight loss and managed to shift my chemo weight gain (2 1/2 stone) in about 9 months without giving up too many of the things I enjoy (mostly wine !). It won't be for everyone but fitted in well to how we eat! Enjoy your well earned celebrations! Xx

  • Well done! This is just the kind if motivating post I needed to read- will certainly give slimming world a go- hopefully I can do as well as you!


  • Well done, Annette! What a wonderful acknowledgement of all your efforts, no wonder you feel great. That's some achievement!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Well done, well its onwards and upwards for you now,

  • Well done you! Great achievement Love Wendy xxx

  • Thank you everyone and good luck to those of you trying to lose weight. I must confess, bought myself some new clothes today but shhh, don't tell Hubby lol!!!!

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