Vote for one of our own inspirational women!!!!

Hi all. Many of you will know that one of us - Gill Harler - who has OC and is battling with it, has also been campaigning to get more awareness of the symptoms so fewer women have to suffer what we have to in the future.

She has been nominated as one of 3 finalists for Inspirational Woman of the Year on The Lorraine Show . So why don't we all vote for her to support her work against OC?

If you want to the number is 03301236202. The lines close at 10am Monday 17th October. It will help raise awareness and get people talking about this hideous disease and will help Gill feel all her work has been recognised. She already has done well to get chosen as a finalist from 300 nominees, so let's go that final bit and get her some votes ladies!!!!!!!


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  • Thank you so much, this isn't for me it's for all of us who are fighting and flying, getting the recognition we deserve and hopefully this will lead to bigger things. If we can get all women behind us then hopefully we can do what Breast Cancer has done and look how they fare now. I'm homing in on the younger women in their 20 to 40s who get this terrible disease, so unfair. When I go on Monday I will ask if I can share with you all something that I have already been told.

    Once again thank you so much for posting this . Big hugs xxxxx

  • Gill,

    It doesn't look like we can vote from Ireland. I tried ringing the number but was told it was invalid! I just wanted you to know that if I could vote I would so I am sending you a virtual vote and loads of love and good wishes! You deserve the title and I hope you receive it as you are truly inspirational!

    GOOD LUCK!!!


  • Thank you so much for trying. Your virtual vote became a real vote when my husband did it for you plus his own. Gilly xxx

  • Well Gilly can he do one for me so please

  • And one for me

  • Well done, Gill. Really impressed.

  • Just voted, good luck.

    Val. X

  • Hi Gill, did you see the great news that our guide for younger women won a BMA award last month?? It was an amazing collaborative project with all the main OVCA charities and many many women and their partners...!!

  • HI Gilly, I am not sure how I can vote from Ireland but I do wish you the very best. I received some of your leaflets today in the post and the handbags. I have left some in my local Library and given more for distribution to a womans groups who are meeting tonight. So awareness if the key and if even one lady goes to her gp because they have read the symptoms, then its all worth the effort.

  • Placed my vote I wish I could do it a thousand times over Gill you are truly amazing xx

  • Gill, you have my vote. Rang the number and it took 3 seconds. Wishing you well in your quest and congratulations for all your hard work 😍 Carole H

  • Hi,I already have,I think it is a brilliant way of raising awareness and recognising all the good work Gill has done.

    I would love to hear the news Gill is asking permission to tell us,trouble is I think I will be on the way to the airport!! I will have my iPad with me if any of you ladies would like to talk about it?

    Good luck to Gill

    Carole xx

  • My vote gone through! Woohoo! Thank you again, Gill. This is all fantastic for all of us that word is spreading. As I've said before, you've already won! xx

  • I've voted, took 20 seconds!

  • Voted! :-)


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