Annie and Gwynn

I am so sorry to hear of Annie's death. We corresponded on this forum a few times and I met her at a Target ovarian conference in manchester a few years ago. She was so dynamic and committed to ensuring fairness in treatment options for all of us in the UK. i also met Gwynn at that conference and feel really sad that they have both lost their lives too soon to this awful disease. They were both so supportive on here and in other places too. My thoughts are with their families and friends.

in sadness Francesca

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  • Sending you a hug, Francesca x

  • Annie messaged last week to say that she knew it would only be a few days, so it wasn't such a shock. However I was very shocked about Gwyn, I had no idea she was so unwell. Two feisty ladies, who fought for what they believed in. There have been too many casualties to OC, scary times.

    LA xx

  • Annie also messaged me and said much the same but I kept hoping and praying that she would rally. I admire her courage in acknowledging that she thought that this was it.

    So sad, Lily Anne, she was such a vibrant person.

    Anne x

  • I did miss Annie posting on her and wondered she was ill. But Annie would want us to keep on fighting this illness and supporting each other,

  • Gwyn very often kept her suffering private .. she always said it wasn't about her but more about others ... Gwyn was selfless ..her concern for others was wonderful to see .. she wouldn't want me to praise her but praise she has got .. you knew her elsewhere LA, but still you didn't realise ..Gwyn was an awesome person in her breadth of spirit and in her capacity .. . I was blown away really xxx

  • Bless you xx

  • I am also very sad to hear of the passing of Gwyn and Annie. Two very special ladies with such strength and inspiration. I've not had contact for a long time but they were there for me several years ago. Thinking of you Francesca and my condolences to their families Linda xx

  • Francesca that's were I met Annie too. Small world ! We could have been sitting together and didn't even know. Hope you're keeping well xo

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