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Half way through!

So I had my third round of carbo/caelyx on Friday - half way through hurray!!! Not really feeling any side effects this time whereas the first 2 I would have been feeling really sick by now. Am I the only one who can't just relish the fact that I feel ok and worries that it means that it's not working!!!! Logically I know things are going ok, ascites went immediately and CA125 coming down. Wouldn't be happy if I was feeling ill, and not happy that I'm not - typical. I think I'll just take the dog out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine!! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are x

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Hi Beckyjh - I'm halfway through carbo/caelyx too. It's not too bad, is it? Glad you're finding the same. I'm afraid I've not asked about my CA125 recently as I'm running a bit scared, but I do feel OK generally. I also think that next month's scan will show how things are really going.

No sun here but am managing to keep my hand in with work projects, just making sure they don't take over. There are far more important things in life - enjoy your walk today!

Caroline x


I'm on my 3rd treatment boy last treatement was rough , I didn't think I was ever coming back from that but I think now because we are half way there it's the positivity that light is at the end of the tunnel .

I don't feel to bad post 6 days and have been out today in the sunshine ☀️ and it felt good .

My next treatment is 28th Feb so 2 in a month so another down 2 to go yippee .

So looking forward to the end . Good luck with next treatment let's hope it's as good as this one . Wishing you all the best xx


I've just finished six months of that regime and felt pretty rotten on it and I kept getting shingles! Just had a scan and no growth everything is stable, I'm taking letrozole daily so hoping they keep things stable 😀

Fingers crossed its doing the job for you good luck xxxx

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Hi beckyjh i saw my oncologist yesterday with my scan result he said i will need caelyx in the future. He gave me àn info. Sheet on it. It sounds quite harsh what you've coped with.


Hi Beckyjh. I've just had first carbo caelyx for recurrence . Diagnosed with 3c January 2015. Had carboplatin surgery etc & went into remission until Christmas eve this year. Carbo caelyx wiped me out but now, day 10, starting to feel a bit better - and like you wondering if that means its not working ..... Well who knows! I am also a secondary school teacher - when I was looking at returning to work I found McMillan and also my local Maggies helpful - and had advice from the NUT over the phone without having to formally involve them. But I also had a very supportive head teacher. As I understand it you are at the very least entitled to a phased return. Hope it all works out for you

Really good to see your post, very interested to hear how you are doing as it sounds like we are on a similar treatment path, with you a few steps ahead.

Take care, I hope the sun is continuing to shine on you.


Hi - really good to hear from you - you're right, our stories are spookily similar! Each round of carbo/ caelyx has been different so far for me with different side effects hitting at different times but so far, not too bad. My school was ok in the end and after a meeting with occupational health I go in for a couple of hours a day 2/3 weeks out of 4 depending on how I feel. The sun has been out today which has been lovely. Hope you are feeling better x



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