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Hi everyone

This is not something that I ever thought I would be announcing to the world, but know enough about this site to know that we all feel able to talk about the most of intimate of subjects.

When I was diagnosed with OC (3b) I had not had any symptoms. I now recall that for a year or eighteen months prior to diagnosis I had been suffering from a strong vaginal odour. There was no discharge and I presumed it was vaginal vaginitis and tried various non-prescribed treatments that didn't really work.

The smell was so bad that it permeated not only my underclothes, but trousers as well and necessitated changing during the day. Obviously I was scrupulous about hygiene, but used to avoid standing near anyone at work, as I was sure other people could detect the smell. You might wonder why I didn't go to my GP. Well so do I ! Embarrassment I suppose.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I am now on Avastin and this morning suddenly realised that I have not had this odour for months. I am wondering if OC can cause a smell. If so this is not anything I have read about. My mind is now going into overdrive and I am imagining OC sniffer dogs who can be trained to raise the alarm!

OK, perhaps it is purely a coincidence that this condition has now cleared, but I had to ask if this rang a bell with anyone else.


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  • Hi Jenny

    Not with me but worth mentioning to your Dr or CNS to see if they have heard this before. Be interesting to see what their response is. Kathy xx

  • I read an article just this week about using dogs to detect ovarian cancer in its early stages. I will try to find the article again. Dogs have certainly alerted their owners to a cancer before now, there are a few stories around, one was on morning TV a while ago -- a woman was alerted by her dog, not OC though.

  • Read Oprah.com and the Pine Street foundation, online

  • Hi Jenny! Wow.....I have had the same experience. I thought I was nuts so I've never mentioned it. I'm certainly going to bring it up at my next appointment!

    Thanks and hugs!


  • No, but it was something I noticed, and realised after was a sign of, my husband's prostate cancer

  • I have had a similar experience. I even told my doctor I felt I was rotting from the inside out. I could get no one to take me serious. This was before my diagnoses. I have heard after research that they are training dogs to sniff out cancer so I'm guessing there is something to this.

  • Hi Jenny.....my first time posting on here but I've been reading and learning from all the beautiful ladies on here.

    You are not alone on this one......like most of the ladies comments I never mentioned anything to my ONC.

    Best wishes to you!!!!!

  • I recall this too but I never mentioned it..

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