Scan Tomorrow

So relieved my restaging scan is tomorrow it came through very quickly but he wouldn't do chemo on Monday unless he had the scan sorted. I know it's going to be bad ..but how bad... maybe not as bad as I'm imagining!!! Just want my Chemo to restart and maybe get some more time. Had a great 3 mile walk with the dogs today I just love exercise it's the key I think to me having good days . X

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  • Awww the walk sounds so uplifting just the right thing to do to keep your chin up sending big hugs and best wishes .... thinking of you let us know how it goes xxx

  • All the best for tomorrow, do let us know how it goes xx Big hugs xx Kathy xx

  • Nothing like a walk with the dogs to clear the cobwebs and lift the spirits, I wish you well with the scan tomorrow and hope the results wont be as bad as you fear

  • Thank you all. I'm going with a positive head!!! x

  • Good luck with your scan, fingers crossed for you, do let us know how it goes, sending big hugs and lots of love ❤xx Jane

  • Very good luck with your scan and so pleased that you were able to enjoy getting out with the dogs I agree that getting outside if you possibly can is so uplifting.

    I want to thank you also for telling me your story back in October which helped me make the decision to have chemotherapy for high grade stage1. I've just got 2 more to go now and a bit up and down, but definitely bearable. It was such a kind thing to help me with my decision.

    Very good luck always xxx

  • I'm thinking of you today at your scan and wishing you every good wish. You've definitely got the right attitude - and those walks in the nearly-spring air are always a good tonic.

    Caroline x

  • Sending good wishes to you today. Totally with you on the benefits of dog walks and nature. Fingers crossed for scan.


  • Try and be positive. We always think the worse and worry ourselves sick. I do.

    A good walk will do you good.

    Thinking of you and sending best wishes. Xxxxx

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