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Scan waiting times

Hello all,

I saw my chemo Dr for my first follow up (after six chemo and debulking) last week and unfortunately it's back ( ca125 of 180)

So no remission for me, I was stage 3, don't know what I am now.

Except scared.

She said she would arrange a CT scan very urgently and then probably start me on weekly Taxol and to expect a phone call from the scan dept.

I have rang the scan dept and they haven't received the request and urgent requests are a three to six waiting time.

I rang the chemo dr secretary but the chemo dr is out sick, to be fair the chemo dr has always been efficient, so I think it's in the system probably.

I'm worried about the scan delaying the start of my treatment.

I'm waiting for a specialist nurse to call back, my normal one is also off sick.

However my questions are

Is a three week delay something to worry about?

If I pay fora scan myself does that take me out of the NHS?

If not how do I go about it?



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Hi Sheila, I don't think a three week delay is anything to worry about in terms of your cancer however it is hard for you to wait this long... and I am sorry about this... I really don't think paying for the scan helps either but you could give OvaCome helpline a ring and ask them for advice speak to Ruth Payne tel 0845 371 0554 she is very good with advice best wishes love x G x


You beat me to it G!!!!x


Hi Sheila

Sorry the Beast is back.

You sound like a girl after my own heart chasing all these departments. I know we should not have to but sometimes you need to.

3 weeks isn't too bad a delay but still worrying for you. I would check again once the monday catch up is over! You may not need to go private and if you do it should not take you out of the NHS. Check with your GP or the practice manager

I had weekly taxol recently and it worked well. It seems to be the new thought for treating OV and has had good results.

As the others are always saying check with Ruth payne the ovacome nurseonthis site to mset your mind at rest.

Good luck Love Suex


Hi Sheila, sounds really worrying for you. All I can say is repeat what Gwyn suggests, ring the helpline. Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Thank you for the prompt replies, that has helped enormously.

I notice I left out "weeks" in delay in my original post, silly me :-) blame everything on chemo brain now.

I will get back on the phone in a couple of days, it's difficult as I'm sure all the calls these specialists secretaries get are all important. To me if the chemo Dr says "very urgent" I get a bit panicky.

But thank you all I feel much better, plus the comment about weekly taxol has helped enormously.



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