Chemo date

Saw Oncologist today. Restart chemo on 30th . Just Carboplatin as had nightmare on Taxol. Ca125 gone from 25 to 175 so not to bad I was expecting a rise as lumps have come back on my neck and think there is some under my arms. He wasn't too bothered re pain in ribs back and stomach he says it's all do with the back fracture.

So I'm going to continue with Slimming World. Business as usual .. Anxious about scan but I know everyone worries about the results of those. xx

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  • Scans are always worrying but you know have a treatment plan so you know what's happening .... all the best with your treatment .... big hugs 🤗

  • Thank you. Just want to get started. Not been able to complete yet!! New tears complete all 6!! x

  • Great attitude... good luck with slimming world I'm going to join too 😊

  • Go for it. !!!! I walked a mile today not much I know but after doing running gym etc I'm well pleased lol x

  • Well done you 😊

  • Good luck with Slimming World and hope that back fracture eases for you soon!

    We can't help being anxious when waiting for results. Oh, and good luck with the Carboplatin too!

  • Hi The fracture has eased off quite a bit. Walking is helping but told I cat return to running gutted but walking is a great substitute.Not looking forward to the chemo but who does ?!! xxx

  • You're a super trooper hun! Good on ya! And well done on the Slimming World front...sometime business as usual helps keep you sane! Good luck the scan and the re-start of your treatment. Jemima xx

  • Thank you Jemima. Just come back from a mile walk. Trying to carry on as normal whilst I can!! xx

  • Liking your style! Keep it up sweetie xx

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