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A Merry Xmas and happy, healthy NY!!

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Hello lovely ones,

It’s that time of year again; Where I miss my darling Mum fiercely; Where I have to really work on my ‘festive’ cheer despite this being my 6th Christmas without her; Where I am hugely thankful for my current and ongoing good health.

As I reflect on this past year, which was once again, jam packed with adventures, I think of many who are still fighting their individual battles. For those also missing their loved ones at a time when family and friends gather together. It’s not always a time of cheer and celebration and for some, it’s a time of year that often highlights their own loss or pain. My love goes out to you all. I hope that you manage to find a little cheer over the coming days 🥰

Jemima xx (p.s photo is of me and my beloved at my surprise 36th birthday party last weekend fresh off a plane from South Africa 🦁🐘🦓🦒)

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Happy Christmas! What a fantastic photo! Lovely to see you so happy and healthy xx

Merry Christmas to you too, Jemima 😘

How many onesies do you own?! 😄

Vicki xxx

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Mrs_Atko in reply to Yoshbosh

Erm...about 13 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Yoshbosh in reply to Mrs_Atko


Hi Hun,

Looking good! Wish you a merry Christmas, have my daughter and the boys staying over, due to house renovation, mad, but glorious at the same time.

We will have a quiet Christmas, with just my son, he is away with the girlfriend who he will ask to marry him New Year’s Eve, the ring is fabulous!!

I’m still good as I’m glad you are, getting on with life, don’t have time to be ill,


Carole xx

Lovely words Jemima ❤️. What a lovely and happy photo youhave shared of you both. I too miss my mum, we don’t ever not need our mum’s do we?

I’m so pleased you are having such a fun packed times and making lots of lovely memories together.

What a nice surprise occasion for you, birthdays are so important, they’re the one day that’s just ours, except in your case you share it with your lovely sister 😊.

Love back to you and I hope your Christmas is a fun filled one with happy times.

Big hugs to you and your family Jemima ❤️Xx Jane

Lovely photo and lovely cake, and lovely husband. Belated Happy Birthday and I hope Christmas won't be as sad as you fear, though I know how it is.

Keep smiling. Love, Solange. 😊

To continued good health, Jemima. Cute costumes, handsome man. Well chosen :). xx. Maus

Merry Christmas Jemima and Happy Birthday too--what a great photo! I lost my Mom this November so it will be a touch holiday season but we are focusing on the good, the love, the warmth of those here and celebrating with us. ENJOY!!!! oxoxox Judy

Happy Christmas Mrs A and belated Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fab time with lots more adventures in 2019! I am heading to New Zealand in March and I am soooooo excited! It's been number 1 on my bucket list for a very long time!!!

Take Care!


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Mrs_Atko in reply to HogwartsDK

You’ll love NZ D! Where abouts you going? Xx

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HogwartsDK in reply to Mrs_Atko


I am starting in Auckland and joining a tour that takes in both the North and South Island finishing in Christchurch! Spending 3 nights in Hong Kong on the way over too!!!! The stuff of dreams! Will be gone for the whole month of March!!!! Heading over on my own so that's a bit of an adventure too! Doing some madness over there too Canyon Swing and Whale Watching flight! Going to Hobbiton as well!! It will be jam packed but exciting! Will need a holiday after the holiday!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

Happy New Year!!


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